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                           Compatibility List

OK!! Here is it : The Official Vortendo Compatibility List.

*NOTE* > There are more working roms than just these.

Game Name                                                  Status

10 Yard Fight                                           Fully Playable
Amiga Demo                                            Fully Playable
Atomic                                                     Fully Playable
Ballon Fight                                              Fully Playable
Bomberman                                           Playable / Graphic Gliches
Chack n' Pop                                        Controller doesn't respond
CMC Wavy                                              Fully Playable
Colours                                                     Fully Playable
Donkey Kong                                           Fully Playable
Excite Bike                                             Playable / Graphic Gliches
Fade To Black                                          Fully Playable
Flame Demo                                             Fully Playable
Game Genie ROM                                    Fully Playable
Greys                                                        Fully Playable
Ice Hockey                                               Fully Playable
Interlace Demo 3                                       Fully Playable
Lunar Pool                                                 UNplayable
Mac_OS demos                                        Fully Playable
Mario Bros.                                               Fully Playable
Millipede                                                    Fully Playable
Motion demo                                             Fully Playable
Muscle                                                        UNplayable
Pac-Man                                                   Fully Playable
MS. Pac-Man                                           Fully Playable
RGB Demo                                               Fully Playable
Wall Demo                                                Fully Playable.

>> That's all i got the time to test. This list will be constantly improved. Keep in
     touch in the News / Main Page.