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Updated July 11, 2001
Wow! It hasn't even been a month and I updated?! The world must be coming to an end!^_^;
New chapter for both Immortality and In Fire's Shadow in the Fanfics section.
The Shojo section of the Galleries should be up. I'm still working on everything else.

PS - the new quote is from the Escaflowne movie. See it if you can! I have a rather bad copy of it and I still think it's wonderfull!

Updated June 26, 2001
Hello minna-san! I know I said I wouldn't take several months to update again but I did. But there's some great stuff here now. And I added a chapter to winter's end, and added a new story called Letting Go.
The best new thing though is the galleries. They have lots of scans from different manga that I own. Like always, not everything is up yet. But it will be soon. and I should be finishing the next chapter's for Immortality, WInter's End, and Letting Go soon.

Updated April 17, 2001
::Arra crawls on hands and knees out of the murky pit of lazyness and writer's block::
hello... *pant* minna...san *pant*
::quickly recovers and waves::
No I am not dead, though many of you may have wished so for my long neglect of this page.BUt I have updated so now all can rejoice! ::crickets chirp:: Anyway, there is a new chapter of Winter's End and three new fics. Two are from X-Men: Evolution, my newest obsesion. If I ever leave the page alone for this long again yell at me to get my tail in gear. If i don't hear from people then I sort of forget the page is here.

Updated August 14, 2000
Tada! Isn't it wonderful! All nice and pritty like I've always wanted. And I promise it will stay like this through the next several updates. The page is now better organized and neater too. Go take a look!