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The Communities

Random Island has many coves and harbours, but only a few of these are actually populated. The rest have either, never been occupied, or they have been abandoned.

To enter Random Island you must enter the turnoff next to Cabot Building Supplies in Shoal Harbour, near Clarenville. Then you must drive across a short causeway. It's a little off of the beaten path, but it's worth the visit.

Upon entering Random Island, the first community you will come across is called
Random Heights. It is a stretch of road, about one or two kilometres long, with houses on either side. Near the end of the community, there is a playground on the left-hand side of the road.

The next community is called
Elliott's Cove. This community has a local store and video rental, called Bernice's Variety. It has the Random West Fire Department, and the Central United Church. It also has a feature which has become pretty well known on Random Island. This feature is known as the "Horseshoe". It is a turn in the road, and it's called the "Horseshoe" because it resembles one. It is a very sharp turn, which almost switches back on itself. So if you are travelling on Random Island be careful.

There is a turn-off in Elliott's Cove that leads to two other communities: Snook's Harbour and Aspen Brook. If you are fond of twists and turns in the road, you would probably like to visit these areas. The first community is
Snook's Harbour. Here you will find the Island Lounge. You will also find the Lions' Club Den, which is considered a type of community centre.

The second community is called
Aspen Brook, which is a seaside community. Here you can find K. Roy Smith Enterprises; a lumber and pulp wood company.

Coming back to the main road, the next community you will find is called
Weybride. Weybridge is another seaside community, with one or two beaches, and a wharf. The Random Island Weavers are located in Weybridge, as well as Valmin Fire Protection Ltd.

Then, with hardly a break in the number of houses, you leave Weybridge and enter
Lady Cove. In Lady Cove you can find the United Church and the Lady Cove community centre.

After a short, scenic stretch of road, lined with trees and ponds, you will arrive in
Robinson's Bight. This community features Dave Vardy's Garage.

Keep driving and you will come to
Hickman's Harbour. Here, you will find the Random Island Academy, an all-grade school for the whole island. Hickman's Harbour has two or three different roads. The Brookside Take-out, Country Road Service Station and the Random East Fire Department are located on the main road. If you turn right at the service station, you can find the rest of Hickman's Harbour. Some businesses located here are Blundon's Home Care, Golden Shell Fisheries, Vardy's Ambulance and Funeral Home, Martin's Store and Charles V. Martin's General Store. You will also find the Salvation Army Headquarters and the Hickman's Harbour Community Centre.

After finding your way back to the main road, turn right, and keep going for about five to ten minutes. You will find yourself in
Britannia Cove. Britannia Cove features Tamarack Dairy Farm, the P.B.L.L.C. Vernon Clarke Community Centre and Burt's Store. Britannia has three turn-offs; two, of which, lead to Petley.

If you take either of these turn-offs, you will pass through a tiny community called Middle Lance Cove, which consists of three houses, then you will enter
Petley. Petley is rather spread out. The "Bottom" of Petley has the government wharf and the Marina. Here, you will find such businesses as Random Island Boat Charter, D & R Auto, D & K Crafts and Low Tide Crafts. Continuing up "Petley Hill" you pass the Anglican Church and Schoolhouse, and Smith's Foodtown. If you keep going you will come to a turn-off which leads down into "Petley Cove". Numerous stages and private wharves are located here. If you followed the main Petley road you could go to the end of Petley and beyond, where there is a place called Bluff Head. This is not a community, as such. The only things found at Bluff Head are Bluff Head Pond and a few summer cabins.

Following through Britannia Cove you will reach "The Ridge", a steep hill that leads to
Lower Lance Cove. Lower Lance Cove has a grocery store owned by Iris Baker. It also has a government wharf, a few stages and a privately owned saw mill located at the very end of Lower Lance Cove.

Britannia, Lower Lance Cove and Petley are all seaside communities. They overlook Smith Sound, and provide a beautiful view of the opposite shores and the opening that leads from Smith Sound out into open water. These communities lead to a dead end as far as the main roads are concerned. However, there are a few trails at the end of Lower Lance Cove which lead deeper into the unpopulated region of Random Island, but they're only suitable for walking or recreational vehicles.

Random Island is a beautiful place to visit. The picturesque views will brighten up your day, so don't forget your camera. Hopefully we have provided you with enough information so that, should you wish to take a tour of Random Island, you will be able to do so without getting lost. However, if you should lose your way, don't hesitate to stop and ask directions. The people of Random Island are a friendly lot. I'm sure they won't mind pointing you in the right direction.

We hope you come visit us sometime!