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Richard's Final Fantasy VII Page

---------------------------------------------------- Richard's Final Fantasy VII Page:----------------------------------------------- This is my Final Fantasy VII Page. I was going to make a page dedicated to ALL of the Final Fantasy games, but then I realized that not many people care about Final Fantasy I, II, III, or Tactics. I realized that if you look at AOL Netfind, or any other thing like that, you'll find that most of the pages are Final Fantasy VII. Probably because it's one of the newest Final Fantasy games. So, instead of doing a lot of research on other Final Fantasy games, I decided to do one on Final Fantasy VII. It is one of the best RPG's for the best RPG series. --------------------------------------------------------------Spell Materia---------------------------------------------------------------- ICE- Ice, Ice2, Ice3; LIGHTNING- Bolt, Bolt2, Bolt3; FIRE-Fire, Fire2, Fire3; RESTORE- Cure, Cure2, Regan, Cure 3; POISON- Bio, Bio2,Bio3; EARTH- Quake, Quake2, Quake3; HEAL- Poisona, Esuna, Resist; REVIVE- Life1, Life2; SEAL- Sleep, Silence; TRANSFORM- Mini, Toad; MYSTIFY- Cunfu, Berserk; TIME- Haste, Slow, Stop; GRAVITY- Demi1, Demi2, Demi3 DESTRUCT- Debarrier, DeSpell, Death; BARRIER- Barrier, M-Barrier, Reflect, Wall; COMET- Comet, Comet2; EXIT- Escape, Remove; FULLCURE- Fullcure4; CONTIAN- Freeze, Break, Tornado, Flare; ULTIMA- Ultima; SHIELD- Shield; MASTER MAGIC(I don't know what that is. If you do please E-MAILme!---------------------------------------Command Materia----------------------------------------------------------- STEAL- Steal, Mug; SENSE- Sense; ENEMY SKILL- E. Skill; THROW- Throw, Coin; MANIPULATE- Manip.; DEATHBLOW- D.Blow; MORPH- Morph; DOUBLE CUT- 2x-Cut, 4x-Cut; W(X)-SUMMON; SLASH ALL- Slash All, Flash; MIME; W(X)-MAGIC; W(X )-ITEM; MSTR.CMD -----------------------------------------------------------------Support Materia------------------------------------------------------------ ALL, ELEMENTAL, ADDED AFFECT, MP ABSORB, HP ABSORB, ADDED CUT, MP TURBO, STEAL AS WELL, MAGIC COUNTER, FINAL ATTACK, QUADRA MAGIC, SNEAK ATTACK, COUNTER. ( I'm really trying to make this page ASAP, so after I get everything I want on it, I'll put in what the Materia does). ------------------------------------------------------------Independant Materia------------------------------------------------------------ COVER, CHOCOBO LURE, LONG RANGE ATTACK, COUNTER ATTACK, ENEMY LURE, SPEED PLUS, MP PLUS, HP PLUS, LUCK PLUS, MAGIC PLUS, GIL PLUS, PRE- EMPTIVE, EXP.PLUS, ENEMY AWAY, HP<----->MP, MEGA ALL, UNDRWATER.(I will put what they do when I'm done w/ everything else). -----------------------------------------------------------------Summon Materia------------------------------------------------------------ CHOCO/MOG- Deathblow; SHIVA- Diamond Dust; IFRIT- Hellfire; RAMUH- Judgement Bolt; TITAN- Anger of the Land; ODIN- Gunge Land; KJATA- Elemental Attack; ALEXANDER- Holy Attack; BAHAMUT- Mega Flare; NEO BAHAMUT- Giga Flare; LEVIATHAN- Water Attack; PHOENIX- Fire Attack & Life 2 on the Whole Party; HADES- 4000 HP Damage, and Status Effects; BAMAHUT ZERO- Terra Flare; TYPHOON- Sneeze Attack; KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND- 13 Knights attack all enemies; MASTER SUMMON- Ability to Summon All. (I don't know how to get that summon, so if you do, please E-MAIL me!) --------------------------------------------------------Aeris Revival Rumers-------------------------------------------------------------- 'IS THERE A WAY TO REVIVE OR SAVE AERIS FROM GETTING KILLED?! OF COURSE THERE IS!!!!!!!!! NO THERE ISN'T!!!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I DID IT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I've heard those so many times, it's not funny. I have about 7-10 rumers that I printed out, so I'm going to give them to you. If you want to try them, be my guest. I'm in the middle of trying some. If you ARE successful, please E-MAIL me, and tell me which rumer you did. ----------------Aeris Rumer #1) (None of this will work unless you were not completely kind t Aeris and hlp the sick man in sector 6 before fighting Reno). First of all, you must have Aeris' Great Gospel Limit manual when you get to the 2nd CD. Then, you must get all characters to level 99, and 9999 HP's and get everyone equipped with the Phoenix materia. Next, go get the Guide Book and trade it with the Kalm traveler. Now, go kill Emerald Weapon. Now, go trade the Earth Harp with the Kalm Traveler. At this point, complete the 2nd disk. The moment yuo go to the 3rd disk, kill Ultimate Weapon, and Ruby Weapon. Now, trade the Desert Rose with the Kalm Traveler. When he leaves, go to the waterfall where you will meet up with the White Materia Weapon. Defeat him, and take the White Materia and go to the Anciant Machine. If you did the past steps right, the waterfall will be glowing yellow. (Note that you still must have the Phoenix Materia eqipped in every character). Now, you must use the Great Gospel and White Materia. An FMV sequence will appear, and Aeris will be revived with the White Materia equippd. With it equipped, Aeris can use any weapon in the game, including Sephiroth's sword, the Long Sword. I found THIS rumer in Augest in a follow up thing. I have no info on it yet. Aeris Revival #2: All you have to do is before you go on the date wih Aeris, yo uhave to find the 12 little soldiers. You can find one in the town called JUNON. You can find one there, and can obtian the others at the game where you shoot things at the Gold Saucer. There is a guy chasing kids. Talk to him, and give him the 12 soldiers. Right before Sephiroth tries to kill her, the guy will jump in the way. Aeris Revival #3: First off, throughout the gaem, you must make the logical choice to say to Aeris to indicate that you like her. You must never hurt her in any way by choice. What happens in scenarios, however, cannot be avoided( i.e. Aeris' beating by Cloud). Also, with the sick man. There is no medicine, but you could have Aeris tend to him and make him feel better by learing about her heritage and returning to Midgar in the first CD. By doing this, the GENERAL as people call him, would trust you , and request you to go but his dying friend something from the store. A simple task. After doing so, the GENERAL would tell you thanks, and if there was anything else you ever need to do, ask him for help. You see a scene with dying friend. A sad scene : (. Now, continue through the game as normal, and after Aeris dies, go on to the 2nd CD. Once here, return to Midgar with the key from CD1 and the GENERAL will ask you where that nice girl(Aeris) is. You tell him that he was killed by a man by the name of SEPHIROTH, and that there i no hope in reviving her. There woud be a chance, but only if you go deep under the waters of th floating castle(where Aeris died). The GENERAL would tell you that he thinks he may be able to help, and to come back later. After this meeting, you wee to go onto Aeris' church, where there would be a real long scene with her spirit. If you had been nice to her, she would express a desire to help you. After this, return to GENERAL, who would provide you with a Yellow Materia that allowed the entire group to travel under water. With this, you could return to the Floating Palace, go up to Mr.Fish, and once you touched him, you would be transported under water, to a cavern, where at the end, lay Aeris' orb/life essence. With this Orb, BUGANHAGEN could complete the rest process, and you could move on to a happier life with a neater ending.-- FINAL FANTASY SHRINE Aeris Revival #4- The way to revive Aeris is to go to the church in the final chapter after you have done everything(i.e.beat the weapons, found the ancient forest) Cloud will have strange flashbacks of Aeris in the Soulstream. Now go to Cosmo Canyon and talk to the man who says Bugenhagan has gone away 50 times. He will eventually tell you he is in the villa that Cloud can buy(which you couldn't have bought yet). He will tell you to return to the Ancient Temple where Aeris was killed. Examine the spot where there is a waterfall 50 times and you will find BACK FROM THE DEAD materia. Go back to the church and walk up to the flowers and walk up to the flowers and watch Aeris be Revived. Aeris Revival #5- The way to get Aeris back is after you have fought 999 battles, go to the man in the cave behind Midgar. He will give the potion to restore Aeris like he gave you the Level #4 Limit Break item to get it. After you get the potion, take it to the lake and Cloud will walk over the lake and use the potion. Aeris will once again join the party. Aeris Revival #6- Give the man is KALM the 3 items; the Earth Harp, the Desert Rose,and hte Guidebook --- in that order. Collect Guide Book and speak to the man but don't give him the book just yet until you have givin the other 2. Now take the fish in the Cqapital of the Ancients. FORGET ALL THE CR@P ABOUT THE SICK MAN - THAT IS MADE UP BULL. With the Underwater materia at full stars, and ONLY if it is the last thing you got from the Kalm guy. Then, walk down to the Ancient City. Cloud will break down again when he gets to the spot where Aeris died. Make sure that CID is in your party with the Underwater Materia when you get to the save point, He will calm CLOUD downand tell him to stop mouping about. The Yuffie(Have her in the party when Aeris dies) will run in and ask about the White Materia that Aeris dropped. Cid jumps in and comes out with Aeris Revival Materia which you take to the church in Midgar. You'll see Aeris' ghost. Link the A.R. materia with the Zeio Bahamut materia. Then, you'll go to the promised land. I just put up my page, so it will take a while to have a list of materia, items, midis, and rumers. So, if you want to come back in a week or 2, you should bookmark my page, and in a week, it will be better. I know that the links are not working. I have a friend that will help me on Monday or Tuesday, so you can go to the links.

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