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Department of Electrical Power Engineering

 *The department of Electrical Power Engineering was established Oct. 1993. 

*The Department offers a program of undergraduate studies comprising courses in the  field of High Voltage engineering, electrical machines, energy distribution and power stations.

* At present the Department only offers the first two of previous packages. The yearly enrollment is 40 students.

   * Research in the Department is carried out by staff members, engineers and senior  students in the areas of : High voltage dielectric, preventive maintenance of electrical machines, gas discharges, load forecasting, neural networks and expert systems.

   *  There are eight labs comprising:

1-Electric circuit.

2-D.C Machines.

3- A.C. machines.     

4- Electrical Workshops.

5-Electrical equipment maintenance.

6- Power system protection& Measurement .

7- Projects' lab

8- Engineering drawing labs.