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Harmony Kingdom
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K. Gordon

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Updated Sept. 14, 2003

Treasure Jests

Harmony Garden 1

At Arm's Length LE Rose Basket
Back Scratch English Hydrangea
Changing of the Guard - Empty Inside English Hyacinth
Count Belfry English Daisy
Earl of Oswald English Marsh Marigold
Hold That Line English Morning Glory
Horse Play English Peace Lily
It's A Fine Day

Harmony Garden 2

Let's Do Lunch LE Rose Party
Major Parker Snapdragon
Nic Nac Paddy Whack - Red Dog Gardenia
Pink Paradise - Black Beaks Rose Bud
Rather Large Friends Peony
Rather Large Huddle Cactus
Rather Large Safari Sunflower
Rumble Seat - Green Chair


Something's Gotta Give w/out Fireplace Panda
Step Aside Ram
Who'd A Thought Shark
Special Pieces / Events Teapot Angel I
Chucky Pig Teapot Angel II
Wee Beastie Panda

All Harmony Kingdom images are Copyrightę Harmony Ball Company. All rights reserved.

Updated Sept. 14, 2003