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Monday 30th August, 1999

UPDATE on 98 degrees duet
The new Mariah and 98 duet, is called "Thank God I Found You." I don't know if that is the real title, that is just what I am told!! The song also features Joe and is produced by the legendary Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.
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Monday 23rd August, 1999

Mariah On The Billboard Chart
GREAT news yesterday. Mariah's 'Heartbreaker' debut on the Hot 100 at #60 this week. That is pretty good I heard and Airplay was #51, which is also very good for a brand new song.
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Friday 27th August, 1999

Mariah And 98 degrees Duet
It seems as if 'Rainbow' is gonna be jam packed with collaberations. Now with another duet which is confirmed to be with 98 degrees, is to be recorded tomorrow. The title is yet to announced.
From the album so far we have duets from;

Jay-Z - 'Heartbreaker'

DJ Clue, Missy Elliot and Da Brat - 'Heartbreaker' (Remix

Lauryn Hill - 'Crystal Ball'

Backstreet Boys - 'In A Lullaby'?

Luis Miguel - 'Till The End'

Usher - 'That's How Much I Love You'

98 Degrees - Unknown

More info on 'Rainbow' soon plus I will be creating a 'Rainbow section when more information is avalible
From Wildcathg's too cool Mariah Carey page!

Mariah To Appear on Moesha
I thought I was going crazy today when I heard a Brandy commercial for her show Moesha say that Mariah was going to air this season but I guess I wasn't cause Adorible20 heard the same thing. Here is what Jen sent me... "I was listening to the radio and there was a Moesha commercial...and they were saying there was going to be a new season and Brandy's like yea, with Mariah, Mary, and a lot of other artists!"
From Wildcathg's too cool Mariah Carey page!

Sunday 22nd August, 1999

Jermaine Dupri Produces Mariah And Usher Duet
Noted hip-hop and R&B producer Jermaine Dupri says the Mariah Carey/Usher collaboration that he produced for Carey's forthcoming album, Rainbow, is "going to be ghetto, but it's Mariah." The album, due Nov. 2, also features "Heartbreaker", a duet with rapper Jay-Z that will be the first single. Dupri, who produced Carey's 1996 hit "Always Be My Baby," said he also is working on his own upcoming album, 'Instruction'.

From Mariah's Diary

Friday 20th August, 1999

Australian magazine the Age wrote the rudest and most fake article I ever saw where they completely trash Mariah. Well, they trashes just about every other big singer in the world too, so maybe it's a parody?

Mariah Carey

Tragedy: Married (and later divorced) her control freak of a manager, Tom Mottola, president of Sony Records.

Beauty: Chipmunk face, made to look beautiful. After her divorce, post-Butterfly, she's no longer cutsie girl-next-door. She's started to dress more ... sluttery.

Talent: Hits the high notes, but her songs suck.

Purity: Babysitter when her demo was discovered; also worked as the catering trade equivalent of a potted plant - a restaurant hostess.

Ambition/Entitlement: Given own vanity label, Crave, by her husband (see Tragedy). Duetted with Whitney Houston (Prince Of Egypt). Dated New York Yankees baseball player Derek Jeter. Rumored to be half-sister to transsexual TV star Drew Carey. Possibly.
From Mariah's Diary

Wednesday 18th August, 1999

ATG OST & A Song With Madonna!!
"Mariah was interviewed on "Extra." On the interview, she spoke about the collaborations she hopes to do on the "All That Glitters" Sndtrk. "There are certain songs I remember listening to growing up that make me relive moments in my childhood. It's like that moment in my life is trapped within the melody of the song. So I plan to work with those artists and hopefully be able to recreate the feeling as best I can. It's crucal that I try and be as true to that moment of my life as possible," says a nostalgic MC. The list of artists and collaborators she spoke of are as follows:
Chaka Khan
Donna Summer
Cindy Lauper (She spoke of doing a remake of Lauper's "Time After Time.")
Narada Michael Walden
Madonna/Patrick Leonard
Janet Jackson / Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis*****

"Those are the ones I remember vividly along with some gospel artists I was fond of listening to growing up as a child. Gospel music is what I used to listen to whenever times got hard so don't be surprised if this sndtrk turns out to be completely gospel (she laughs). But again, those are just a few names I can recall. But of course, because of political recording industry stuff, I'm not sure who will be able to collaborate on this one with me so don't go printing anything "Globe" or "Enquierer" (she laughs again). One song is already done so I can speak of this one. It's a song I worked on with Madonna, William Orbit, and Patrick Leonard. It's called "Angel Fire." It's a very powerful ballad infused with William's signature techno flare. But I haven't decided if it will be placed on the sndtrk because it's so incredibly personal. I'm not sure If I'm ready to share that part of my life yet but I guess only time will tell." says Mariah. Well it sounds cool so far. I'll try to keep you updated on the progress of the "ATG" Soundtrack. Keep up the hard work MC!!!"
From Fantasyland

Sunday 15th August, 1999

New Heartbreaker Clip, With Music!!!!!!

New Heartbreaker Section On My Site

Mariah And Lauryn's Crystal Ball Seems To Be Rolling Away!
"Mariah is still wrestling with Ruffhouse Records over the duet with Lauryn Hill (Slated to be recorded Sept. 1 at a remote studio). The project will be completed in time to be included on Mariah's new CD (Limelight/Rainbow), But Ruffhouse records continues to hold out on the duet so that it will be released on an upcoming movie soundtrack to be recorded on Ruffhouse Records (That movie is still to be announced.) Mariah claims that she will be a "No Show" for the slated recording time if the song is not included in her new tracklist. Mariah continues to deny claims that she and Lauryn are having "personal conflicts" and "creative differences" with each other. "Ms. Hill and I are great acquaintances with each other and respect each other as artists. My grievance is with Ruffhouse Records and not Lauryn. I do wish to record the song with Lauryn but it maybe recorded at a later date when the song can be picked up by Columbia if Ruffhouse refuses to comply with my wishes,"says Mariah at a recent press conference concerning the matter. The song, titled "Crystal Ball," may appear on Mariah's next project which seems to be the soundtrack for her up and coming movie, "All That Glitters." Lauryn, when asked to respond to the matter, stated, "The issue is between Mariah and Ruffhouse. I have no opinion of either side. In my eyes, I see the project as being a merge of my songwriting skills and talent with Mariah's to create an incredible collaboration of minds. Whether it appears on Mariah's album or a movie soundtrack, I'm indifferent." Source: Source Magazine / Vibe Magazine
From Fantasyland

Next Album After Rainbow - To Be ATG Soundtrack!
MTV News 1515 / Entertainment Tonight: "Mariah is on the move (And desperate to get the heck out of her Sony contract). Mariah states that the next project will definitely be the soundtrack for her upcoming movie "All That Glitters" (That title is subject to change so bear with me people). The movie will be based in the 80's. Mariah plans to work with "classic" producers and writers from the 1980's to give the music a feel of that era as well as working to combine a new millenium edge with the music. (This is gonna be one heck of a project). The soundtrack is projected for Fall of 2000 but since it IS a soundtrack, it must follow the release schedule of the movie so it may be delayed indefinitely (since all of Mariah's movies have a tendency to be delayed or cancelled; "Double O Soul" / "The Bachelor" [delayed]). Source: MTV News 1515 / Entertainment Tonight Thanks for the 411 Allen for today's news! Allen also sends me this "tid-bit" of information:
From Fantasyland

Mariah Carey/Vannessa Parry??
"Mariah wanted to make the "other woman" in the heartbreaker video as real as possible (The other woman being Mariah in the black wig), so she named the character "Vanessa Parry." (A play off of her name "Mariah Carey/Vanessa Parry) She told the crew to call her "Vanessa" whenever she was in character. Talk about taking your work seriously. If you ask me, mariah looked pretty damn sexy in that wig. I like her better that way. She looked kinda gothic and mysterious yet really new and different. I think she looks better in that black with than she does as a highlighted blonde. Please e-mail me (anyone) on your opinions of mariah as the sultry "Vanessa Parry" in the black wig. Info is from her interview on "Entertainment Tonight" when they went behind the scenes of her video."
From Fantasyland

Friday 13th August, 1999

New Mariah Website!
Check out the new Mariah Website for 'Heartbreaker' at msn. It will premier the full version of 'Heartbreaker' on August the 16th, in the new high quality microsoft audio format.
From Heartbreaker

New Look For Official Website!
Check out the new look for Mariah's Official Website.

Thursday 12th August, 1999
Single News!, People's Views!
I just found this on the "discovery" section or radiomagazine Hitmakers,

MARIAH CAREY Heartbreaker (COLUMBIA) - She's back! And she's naughty! Look for the remix sampling Dre's It Ain't No Fun...this is gonna blow up.

ERIK BRADLEY, MD, B96, Chicago
MARIAH CAREY Heartbreaker (COLUMBIA) - She's back! Continuing her string of #1's!

Well, they were the only ones mentioning Mariah, but in the coming weeks there's sure to be more! So anyone heard that Dre song?
From Mariah's Diary

Tuesday 10th August, 1999
Hear Heartbreaker!!!
You can now hear an accapella sample of 'Heartbreaker'


New Title For Mariah's Album!!!
The new rumoured title o Mariah's fortcoming album is 'Rainbow'. This is from a reliable source, but I suppose we will just have to wait and see!
From Wildcathg's too cool Mariah Carey page!

Monday 9th August, 1999
New Album Release Date!!!
The release date for Mariah's New album has been changed from the 2nd of November to the 16th of November. Oh well at least its only 2 weeks, and not 2 months extra

From Wildcathg's too cool Mariah Carey page!

Saturday 7th August, 1999
MTV Commercial
"On MTV, they've began playing this advertisement for the World Premier of "Heartbreaker." When it comes on, you see this huge monitor in the background playing the video and Mariah is standing in front of it (All leather-clad and everything). She turns around and says, "Hi, This is Mariah Carey. Make sure you catch the world premier of My new video, "Heartbreaker." An MTV Exclusive." Then the screen like "shuts down" and you see CONFIDENTIAL written across it. Then you hear this really deep voice, "Initializing countdown sequence" and you see the time running. (Last night it was 12 dys and counting. Anyone who sees it today will see 11 dys I'm sure). The best part about catching this advertisement is that you also catch a listen to about 5 or 6 seconds of the actual song. I can't describe it's sound. It resembles a mix of both honey and dreamlover but with the introduction of severe hip hop and a lil' techno stuff. I smell another debut at no. #1 on the Hot 100."

From Fantasyland
News From Sony Japan
*The first single will be Heartbreaker, scheduled to be commercially released in Japan on September 22.

*Heartbreaker is a "pop love song with hip hop taste" with her high notes in the album version with Jay-Z. *The new album will be out in mid-October in Japan. The songs are all (co?) written and (co?) produced by Mariah, including collaborations with Dianne Warren and David Foster and other "big artists." The songs will include pop, hip hop, R&B, club and latin music.
*Toward the end of this year, she will focus on recording and promoting the album, with TV appearances on Saturday Night Live, Rosie O'Donnell and a new TV special on ABC called "Mariah and Friends."
*Around Christmas time, she will perform at the White House.
*Early next year she will start filming All That Glitters, which is expected to be out in the fall, 2000.
*Lastly, some chart and sales trivia. Sony has confirmed that Mariah has sold over 100 million albums worldwide, 15 million in Japan. #1's sold 3.5 million copies in Japan, which is a new record as a foreign artist.
From Mariah's Diary