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Woo! I have a sister site! Please head on to Filia's website! It's nice to have Filia as my Sister site. She's one of the nicest people you will ever meet! It was very nice meeting her. And we're starting a project together! Well the new layout is dark and nice ^^

My host! Wohoo! *huggles Alexa* She's the greatest! She was very nice to host me and as my layout I dedicate this to Alexa and David. Thanks David for helping me out on thinking of a login name ^^ Well the sites are still under construction now that I moved ^^;; I'll have them up on soon! See ya all!

It's over! Wohooo! And Sara made me a button! Thanks Sara! She one cool person! Go and vist her at! She's the best! I'll be updating some more soon after I move ^_^ I hope Alexa hosts me at Alexa is the best too! I should be mocing someday ^_^ When that day comes I'll update bunches.

New layout for SugoE! It's been a while since I updated this site ^_^ I have my AP Biology test coming up so that was my problem. I tend to be lazy and I wont update unless I have a LOT of time. So there's about 4 more day till the BIg ap test. I tend to be lazy till the last day so here I am wasting my time here instaed of studying lol. I'll be working on the Ether World and Angelic Devil after the AP. Enjoy the place.

Water Works is OPEN! Currently 3 galleries avalible: Slayers, Star Ocean, and X. I'll have some more images up soon ^_^ There's about 76 images total. So enjoy looking through them!

SugoE will have Water Works open soon! It'll be open on the 10th and the only thing it'll contain is images ^^ Tons and tons of images. I'll slowly add more as I get more stuff :) I'm still alive remember that! *waives*

I'm still alive!! I still am!! AHHH! As soon as crosswinds speeds up their server, I'll be ready to update everything and add a new layout ^^ As for now I'll be studying and getting lots and lots of sleep ^^; Well till then see ya!

Nothing much. This will be a small archive of updates. I'll have an actual update written in the main section of the site. So how's my new layout? Goofy or cute? lol. Getting up water works up first... I cant be sure ^^