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The Koibito Archives is under a temporary hiatus!!

   Eek! What's this page doing here, you ask? Well, what with the college lives we lead that unfortunately includes medicine and computer science courses, coupled with the fact that our hotmail inbox account nearly blew out with the amount of mail that keeps coming in, we are putting the Koibito Archives on an official hiatus. It's a far cry from being a dead site; we're trying to heft a much more organized archives that we hope to reopen hopefully by October or early November, with a new layout, and possibly better plaques.

   In other words? We won't be accepting any more new applications. We'll still accept revisions and modifications from old members, but if even that gets too much we might not accept that at a later date. All applications submitted before this announcement will be processed, however. Please  do wait until we manage to get everything going and open the page again before sending in applications; any that will be sent during this time will be deleted.

   To view the old archives page to while the time away while we slave over a new version^^, click here. Thank you, the survey results are in! Click here to view the results and plans we're going to be making for the layout.

   Domo, Rin and Tam.