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My Information

Joseph Jeranka
230 Holmes Road
Warwick, RI 02888

Currently Mr. Jeranka is in the academic field taking "just one more" course, in pursuit of a networking certificate.

Mr. Jeranka currently has a CCNA along with an Associates Degree / Microcomputing, from the Community College of Rhode Island.

He has been invited to join Phi Theta Kappa, the only two year institute for academic excellence.

Mr. Jeranka has performed very well academically, receiving various awards, along with being on the Dean's List every semester that he has been a student.

Experience with being a team participant in the Marine Corps, working on such elaborate systems as an aircrafts wiring and ordnance equipment. Mr. Jeranka knows his life experiences are something brought to the table that can only benefit his and the employers goals.

Mr. Jeranka has served faithfully in the armed services for five years. Mr. Jeranka likes to set his mind upon a goal and pursue it until it is no longer exists. He believes there are no such things as problems , just solutions. He also believes that trenches were made for everyone. We need to humble ourselves occassionally in life. Mr. Jeranka's past has given him sights on how strong our inner strengths are, how we can accomplish things never before imagined.

Mr. Jeranka is in pursuit of a position that will allow him to demonstrate his assets and motivational personality.(That does not say multiple personality)

After spending years in the construction field, Mr. Jeranka felt he was at the point in his career without standards for excellence. So he pursued a career, in the computer field knowing after one course this is where he was meant to be.