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Joseph J. Jeranka III




                        To secure a challenging position in the field of computer networking: security, configuring, or maintaining of such. In an environment of where not only individual growth is encouraged, but also teamwork. Eager to prove my abilities with the opportunity for advancement based on merit.

Education                                2001- Current

                        -Associates in Computer Science / Micro computing     GPA 3.91                                              

                        -Cisco Certified Network Associate- CCNA 2.0 -- ID# CSCO10203708                                   

                                -Networking Certificate

                                -Community College of Rhode Island, Warwick, RI- Cisco Networking Academy Program      

                                -Community College of Rhode Island, Warwick, RI- Associates/Micro computing                   

                                -Community College of Rhode Island, Warwick, RI- Networking Certificate                            

                                -Department of the Navy, Memphis, TN- Aircraft Weaponry/Electronics (Top-of-Class)

                                -Preparing for Network+ certification.

Computer / Network Skills    1997 - Current

                        -Familiarity with operating systems: Windows NT4/95/98/2000/ME, and Linux 7.0

                -Broad use of network hardware: Hands-on experience with security issues, routers, switches, hubs,

                   modems, and building computer systems.

                -Home network system with 5 nodes, complete with patch panels, Cisco routers, switches, and various  

                  operating systems.

                -Volunteered to be part of a Technology Committee Team at a nearby school, K-8. We have printing

                    sharing set up now as part of our first goal. Internet access for all classrooms is our next goal.



Professional Experience         1983-1998

                   Commercial Waterproofing Industry         Providence, RI               

                Treasurer- -

                        -Managed and invested money up to $150,000

                                -Initiated investment of mutual funds, resulting in a 400 % increase

                Executive Board Member --

                                                 - Resolved workforce / employer dilemmas

                                -Researched, developed, and initiated 'Annuity plan' for 100 fellow workers

                                -Chairperson on Annuity Committee

            Foreman - -

                                                -Member of Safety / Production Team

                                -Maintained open communications with employees and employers

                                 -Performed final inspections


                Quick learner with an ability to rapidly achieve organizational integration, assimilate job requirements and employ new methods and technologies. Expert in expediting projects with very tight timelines, high risk and facilitating exhaustive meeting schedules. Proven ability to work efficiently in both independent and team environments. Adaptable and efficient in work situations with changing responsibilities and environments.