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Joseph J. Jeranka III



Objective: Secure a challenging position in computer networking, security, configuring, or maintenance where individual growth, teamwork and advancement based on merit is encouraged.

Education: (2000) Associates in Computer Science / Micro computing GPA 3.91

Networking Certificate

Cisco Certified Network Associate- CCNA 2.0 -- ID# CSCO10203708

(1980) Department of the Navy, Memphis, TN- Aircraft Weaponry/Electronics


(Presently) Preparing for Network+ and A+ Certifications.

Computer / Network Skills: 1997 - Current

-Proficiency in the following operating systems ~ Windows NT4/95/98/2000/ME, and Linux 7.0

-Extensive experience in network hardware, security issues, routers, switches, hubs, modems, and

building computer systems.

-Home network system with 5 nodes, complete with patch panels, Cisco routers, switches, and

various operating systems.


Professional Experience: 1983 Present

St. Francis of Assisi School, Warwick, RI

Adjunct computer teacher:

- Student instruction

- Computer repair and networking person

- Installed / Maintain Cat 5-e and LAN with 12 nodes, router, and hubs

Commercial Waterproofing Industry, Providence, RI


-Managed and invested money up to $150,000

- Initiated investment of mutual funds, resulting in a 400 % increase

Executive Board Member:

- Resolved workforce / employer dilemmas

- Researched, developed, and initiated 'Annuity plan' for 100 fellow workers

- Chairperson on Annuity Committee


- Member of Safety / Production Team

- Maintained open communications with employees and employers

- Performed final inspections


Summary: Quick learner with the ability to rapidly achieve organizational integration, assimilate job requirements and employ new methods and technologies. Competent at expediting high-risk projects with tight timelines and exhaustive meeting schedules. Work efficiently in both independent and team environments and adaptable well to work situations with changing responsibilities.