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   Quick learner with an ability to rapidly achieve organizational integration, assimilate job requirements and employ new methods and technologies. Expert in expediting projects with very tight timelines, high risk and facilitating exhaustive meeting schedules. Proven ability to work efficiently in both independent and team environments. Adaptable and efficient in work situations with changing responsibilities and environments.

   Mr. Jeranka is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Serving faithfully for 5 years in Aviation Ordnance. One of Mr. Jeranka's duties consisted of electrical troubleshooting on A-6 weaponry system.

   Mr. Jeranka attended a special training school for six weeks, which he graduated 'top-of-the-class". There he gained experience with blueprints and schematics along with electrical troubleshooting equipment.

   One of the most valuable lessons that Mr. Jeranka had ventured upon was the ability to work with different types of people and various ethnic backgrounds. Inspiring his teammates to focus on the positive abilities in people was one of his most rewarding endeavors.

   After leaving the service he joined a family business in the construction industry. Mr. Jeranka thereon worked with fellow union workers. One of his many desires to make things better was seen in his researching, initiating, developing, and getting an annuity plan passed by his fellow members. Being trusted with the task of keeping the plan in tact, he was voted as chairperson on this committee.

   With his abilities being noticed, he was then asked to join a safety/production team by his employer. It consisted of bringing any problems to the safety/productive team meetings along with developing any ideas for safety or production improvements.

   Mr. Jeranka started his computer journey in 1997 taking basic computer courses. He immediately noticed a road open to him that he deeply indulged himself into. After just one Intro to Computer course he chose to experience Novell. The CNA exam had to be next. Falling short of a passing grade, he lost no ambition or motivation for his success. Continuing towards an Associates Degree in Micro Computing, which he graduated with in 18 months.

   Settling for nothing but the finest grades, he was awarded Highest Honors with a GPA of 3.90. Phi Theta Kappa noticing his accomplishments, inducted Mr. Jeranka into their two-year institution.

Since 1997 he has acquired a(an)

Associates in MicroComputing
CCNA 2.0 Certificate
Networking Certificate
All this while playing the role of Mr. Mom
God Bless