Ridgebacks on the Racetrack & Lure Coursing

For most Ridgebacks racing and lure coursing is the ultimate experience.
Not only is it a good way to keep your dogs fit but
they absolutely love it and is fun for the spectators.

We raced under the NSW Sight Hound Racing Club.
Many variety of hounds have raced including an assortment of other breeds.
The dogs are identified by a numbered racing jacket and
usually released by a slip collar.
Each dog (over 12 months old) is eligible to race two 400m or
participate in the 100 metre designed for the youngsters,
the oldies or those who didn't complete a 400m.

At the end of each year a Gala Day and annual Presentation is held
in conjunction with a Christmas party for all - children, adults and of course the dogs.
The Club has ceased operations for the time being.
However the Sighthound Club runs lure coursing in Syndey occassionally.

Each of my dogs had their own way/ideas/techniques/antics on tackling racing.
The moment we arrived at the track my dogs would literally scream with excitement
and join in the chorus of the other happy hounds.
Sasha (the smart cookie) would often jump the fence taking the shortcut.
Why run all the way around when you can go straight across.
Rahna was a hundred metre specialist, which required getting someone to release her
whilst i was at the finishing line encouraging her all the way.
She was very much a mummy's girl.
In 5 years she only completed the 400m once - yes miracles do happen.
She lost interest once the lure went around the corner and
would always turn around and come back with a smile on her face.

Trying to get Tessa to the track was exhausting, my arms felt like they were pulled out of their sockets.
She was totally beside herself with excitement, foaming at the mouth and squealing with delight.
Even after running 400m around the track flat out hardly slowed her down.
Tessa would run flat out whilst her sister Chrystal would coast along beside her
or waited till she caught up.
It was interesting to see the different styles of racing
compared to the different size and structures.

I don't think Crystal ever reached her full potential as she was more interested
in playing with Tessa than chasing the piece of carpet hanging on the lure.

Riley excelled at racing becoming the first male and
only 2nd Ridgeback to gain a Racing Title.
He was awarded Racing Hound of the Day on several ocassions and took out Racing Ridgeback of the Year.

Cara's natural ability, superb confirmation and enthusiam has provided
a record that is unmatched.
The only Ridgie to be awarded 3 Grand Champion Racing Titles,
becoming the most successful Ridgeback in the history of the club.
She has several Racing Ridgeback of the Year, R/up Racing Hound of the Year,
Racing Hound of the Day and still today holds the track record that she set in 1989.

Kito Lure Coursing in QLD, April 2003

Kito has a few qualifying scores towards his Field Coursing Championship &

a very prestigious award being the Top Hound of the Day.

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