MARCH 2012

Happy 1st birthday (11.3.12) to all the Amanzi x Tangaa kids:

11.3.12 CRUFTS NEWS Congratulations to Ari's daughter Rio (CH/AM GR CH VELDTKAMMER ASSLE ME LITELY)
Reserve Challenge Bitch. Well done Kim!

11.3.12 QLD news: Anza (Ch HuntingRidge Spirit of Katana ET FCH) 12pt Best of Breed and best Intermediate in Group.
A great effort after producing a litter 11 weeks ago.

10.3.12 QLD news: Peters girl Anza (Ch HuntingRidge Spirit of Katana ET FCH)
awarded Res Ch Bitch and R/up best of Breed and Best Australian Bred in Group.

10.3.12 NSW: Maasai (HuntingRidge From the Heartland) was awarded Puppy in Group and
Ashlan for her first time in Neuter took best neutered bitch 7pts.

4.3.12 QLD LURE COURSING NEWS: Huge congratulations to Anza (Ch HuntingRidge Spirit of Katana ET FCH)
after producing a litter 10 weeks ago was back in the field with a blitzing performance
taking No 1 Ridgeback with a high score - her best one yet.

Well done Peter and Anza!

4.3.12 Congratulations to Nicole on Hunter's (HuntingRidge Africa By Storm) Reserve Challenge win.
Well deserved he showed beautifully, he is such a powerful moving dog.

3.3.12 Maasai (HuntingRidge From the Heartland) & was awarded
Reserve Challenge dog and Best Puppy in Group and followed the next show
with another Reserve Challenge and a R/up Best of Breed.
He has only been shown on 4 occasions in the last 3 months so I was very happy with his performance.

Happy 11th Birthday (3.3.12) to all the Zimbah x Chief kids special mention to Kito and Tugela in heaven.

WA 2.3.12 - Western Classic Copper (HuntingRidge On Safari in Kenya AI)
was awarded Reserve Dog & R/up Best of Breed under a South African judge.

Happy Birthday (2.3.12) to all the Shumbane kids celebrating their 6th birthday!


WA News 24.2.12 Well done Copper who was awarded Reserve Dog Challenge.

Happy 8th birthday (8.2.12) to all the Leia x Riley II kids:
Rani , Motzy , River, Khan, Max, Philip and Phoebe (in heaven).

11.2.12 under a breed specialist Mr S McElhone, Ziva (HuntingRidge Heart of a Lioness) Reserve Challenge Bitch
and her litter brother Maasai (HuntingRidge From the Heartland) was Best Junior of Breed.

Received a photo and a glowing report from Paul owner of Rusty, (HuntingRidge Kilimanjaro) (photo above)
from Saran and Boston litter 26.8.2004.


Our heart goes out to the Dwyer Family who lost their beautiful baby girl
at 5.5 months in a tragic accident on 28.1.12.

Cherry (HuntingRidge Brandy De Jerez) was the most sweetest outgoing and loveable puppy.
Cherry was adored, loved and spoilt.
She showed like a little star and now she will shine forever.

I received a very sad message from Angela who had to say farewell to her beautiful Loki
(HuntingRidge Safari Star) 14.7.00 - 17.1.2012

Angela's message relayed a wonderful life that Loki experienced.

As a breeder, I find it difficult to hand puppies over initially but the love and joy
that each one brings to their new owners makes it all so worthwhile.

It is heartbreaking to say goodbye and release them to Rainbow Bridge,
leaving footprints planted on your heart.
I trust those many fond and happy memories help you through the difficult days.

21.1.12 CNCC champ show after a 4 month break for Kes she was awarded
Reserve Challenge Bitch in good company
and Maasai Best Puppy of Breed.

A special start to 2012. We would like to congratulate all at Rijbiz in WA
on the arrival of 6 beautiful babies, including 1 special livernose.
Well done to Cleo and Copper

HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY TO BUNDY 21st January and to all the other Leia x Spirit kids

I have received quite a few photos over the last month
and will try and get them all up on the site shortly.
Thank you so much - it is greatly appreciated to see "my babies" enjoying themselves
and for the news and updates.

Received photos from Karen - her 2 Kapama kids from Dougal and Rani
Griffin (above left) and Charli (right)

New Years Day show in Victoria Charli (Kapama Run Tana Run) was awarded Bitch Challenge.
Congratulations Karen and Charli Brown.

Photo of Charlie (Amanzi x Bundy) enjoying a visiting friend and using her as a pillow.
Thanks Tracey and David

Nicole & Glen's handsome liver boy "Reacher" (Brandy x Dougal)

Malika (Brandy x Dougal) playing with her kennel mates Mambo and Harley.

The gorgeous HENRY (Brandy x Dougal)

I received an update on LOLA (Brandy x Dougal)

from her family. Her page has now been updated.

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