Litter Information & Notification

....Bringing forward the Dominant sound qualities
of Exceptional Ridgebacks....

When I have a litter planned I will post all the information here.

Plans to breed "PIPPA"

Planned litter with Pippa late 2020 .
A very special International Sire has been carefully selected for Pippa
Black nose and livernose puppies expected

I am not taking any further expression of interest for this litter. I have been swamped with inquiries.


Puppies are only offered to people or families that
will be dedicated & committed to this dog for its entire life.

Please read the information provided regarding my breeding ethics,
puppy inclusions
and what is asked of prospective puppy parents
& then if you are genuinely interested in a HuntingRidge puppy,
and can meet the criteria that is listed below, then please drop me a line.


  • over 35 years of breed experience
  • a healthy quality pup with good temperament
  • Registered with NSW Canine Control
  • Registration papers for both show quality (Blue papers) and pet quality (Orange papers)
  • microchipped (ISO chip for exported puppies)
  • vaccination
  • fully wormed
  • heartwormed
  • HuntingRidge Puppy Handbook
  • soft toy
  • blanket
  • feed pack for puppies being collected
  • health guarantee
  • Complete Vet health check & vaccination record
  • checked regularly for dermoid sinus
  • copies of the hip and elbow scores for both parents
  • Copies of all other health tests and full DNA profiles available on request.
  • full breeder lifetime support
  • weekly updates of photos on website or FaceBook HuntingRidge Family Page
  • Temperament is our first priority.
    HuntingRidge are well known for their exceptional nature & character.
    True Breed Type is Paramount!


    Hunting Ridge Puppies are raised in the home in a family environment
    they are certainly well socialised and
    my property provides excellent stimulation for puppies,
    with plenty of room to run, play and explore with different environments and elements.

    Hunting Ridge breed in accordance with the rules and ethics
    of the National Australian Canine Council, DOGS NSW and
    The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Inc.

    I use the following Hunter Valley vet practices: PAWS (Weston),
    also Greencross, (Wyoming), Raymond Terrace for X-rays - Hips and elbows & Sires On Ice (Calga)
    if you wish to confirm reassurance or recommendation.

    HuntingRidge's puppies are usually sold
    before the litter is on the ground.

    There are no obligations to put ones name on a waiting list.
    However I ask that you keep in contact occasionally,
    via email or phone to check on any progress.
    Preference is offered to those who keep in contact and
    express a genuine interest in a HuntingRidge puppy
    and not just any puppy.

    All puppies are registered, vaccinated, wormed,
    micro chipped (ISO chips for pups being exported) & heart wormed.

    Please contact me regarding the price of a puppy.

    Show potential pups - Blue registration papers: conditions apply.
    My name will remain on the Main Registration papers in order to protect my bloodlines.
    Pet quality pups Orange "Limited" registered.
    All pet puppies (Limited Registered) are sold on the condition that they
    will be desexed by 12 months old for males and 9 months for females.

    Usually the difference between a pet quality
    compared to a show quality is cosmetic.
    eg: any fault with the ridge as not being perfect denotes a pet (see diagram below)
    or excess white (usually found on feet, chest & belly)
    they are allowed a little white on toes and chest
    or excess black hairs through coat or a kink in the tail
    There are other factors as well that can classify pups as pets
    eg poor structure, ear sets, size, bad mouths
    or any other colours other than wheaten.

    I have been fortunate so far that the majority of our pets,
    have had only minor cosmetic faults.

    I only breed with stock that is sound in mind, body and soul.
    I aim to breed to the Standard, carefully planning each litters
    and have blended some of this Country's finest bloodlines
    as well as selecting very sound stock from overseas.

    I look beyond awards and titles because there is a lot more
    to a Ridgeback & breeding than what has been won in the show ring.
    I have been most fortunate to view and or judged many Ridgebacks in various countries
    which has given me great insight into future plans.

    I have also attended several canine courses relating to
    breeding, nutrition, anatomy, dog behavior, homeopathy,
    physiotherapy, breed standards etc.

    Education, experience and knowledge are powerful tools and extremely beneficial in breeding and raising puppies.

    I have gained extensive knowledge and studied pedigrees in depth.
    I have attended several Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congresses
    great opportunity to collaborate with Ridgbeack breeders worldwide.

    I take breeding seriously and only deal with breeders
    I trust which is critical when choosing an outside stud.
    Most of my Ridgebacks are adopted into family situations
    and I feel that no sacrifice will be made
    especially with temperament, health and soundness.

    I have very strong ethics
    and stand by all of my puppies and
    offer full "lifetime" Breeder support as well as a health guarantee.

    This provides assurance that the puppy is healthy
    and I ask that the new owners are committed
    to the welfare for the dog's lifetime.
    It is important that every family member is happy and willing to take on the responsibility.

    Puppies are supplied with The HuntingRidge Handbook
    which I have collated based on 35+ years of considerable experience.
    It demonstrates a feeding guide for puppies and adults, general maintenance & care.
    A puppy pack is supplied containing a soft toy & blanket which has been with the litter
    to help puppy settle in.
    Puppies which are collected are offered a feed pack.

    I have a Restricted Facebook HuntingRidge Page open to owners of HR progeny, breeders who have my bloodlines
    and the potential puppy parents ONLY.
    When i have a litter i post photos and video footage on my HR page.

    To ensure HuntingRidge puppies have the best foundations
    all my breeding stock
    is X-rayed and scored for HD hip and elbow dysplasia.
    DNA profiled and other health tests such as JME and DM

    HuntingRidge puppies boast wonderful happy outgoing temperaments with character,
    soundly constructed of stunning breed type
    which is why I have many families coming
    back to my bloodlines over the years
    to add another special companion to enrich their lives.

    As an elite selective kennel, I breed with the belief
    that quality is far more important
    than quantity, only 1, maybe 2 litters per year,
    sometimes I miss a year or 2
    always with the best intentions for the breed.

    I am not out to produce multiple litters a year
    or breed to supply demand or break records within the breed.
    My aim is to produce the occasional litter
    to keep the quality healthy lines that I have worked hard to achieve.
    My show dogs can hold their own
    and the rewards are evident generation after generation, champion after champion.

    It is also very rewarding and humbling, that several breeders
    throughout Australia and Internationally where HuntingRidge progeny have been their foundation lines
    or using my boys at stud.

    My boys offered at stud are only available to selectively registered breeders.

    HuntingRidge produce both black nose and liver puppies.

    My Ridgebacks are very much loved and part of my family
    and are with me for life
    unlike quite a few breeders who move on
    their breeding & or show stock when they have outlived their purpose.
    I have had quite a few that have made it to 14 years old
    and sadly lost Ryker at a grand age 15 and a half in 2010
    and my beautiful liver girl "Saran" 15yrs old in 2016.

    HuntingRidge offers continuous lifetime support
    for all puppies.

    I wish to sincerely thank all those special families,
    that have offered my puppies
    wonderful loving homes and a special place in their hearts.


    Commitment to a pup for its lifetime is required.
    Puppies will only be placed in a home where a loving,
    caring & responsible environment exists.

    A safe, secure puppy proof yard and suitable fencing to contain an adult.

    Provide a well balanced diet pertaining to a large breed.

    Seek veterinary assistance when deemed necessary.

    Vaccinate annually, heart worm and worm regularly.

    Attend puppy pre school or basic obedience classes.

    Provide shelter in yard.

    Sterilise pet puppies on limited registered papers.

    The puppy must be socialised.

    Exercised appropriately according to the age of the pup/dog.

    Full Registered pups to be shown at least at Specialties

    If you are intending to breed that you become a registered member
    of your state's controlling body
    breed within the guidelines and ethics set down by
    your State's Controlling Canine Body and /or Ridgeback Club
    X-Ray for hip and elbow dysplasia.

    I can arrange export but I do NOT deal with any overseas or local brokers -
    I ONLY deal direct with new owners/families/breeders/exhibitors

    Finding a Reputable Breeder

    Due to COVID-19 many reputable ethical breeders have refrained from breeding due
    to the socialising associated problems and transport issues.
    Now that restrictions have eased a little breeders may feel a little more confident raising a litter.
    I have been swamped with inquiries.
    Sadly there are breeders out there that have inflated prices and catering to the market.
    My suggestion choose a Breeder not a puppy

    Choosing a puppy is a long-term commitment that requires research, patience & planning.

    Remember he/she is a integral part of your family that hopefully will be around for 12-14 yrs.

    Do your homework: speak to different breeders, maybe attend a dog show or arrange visits to kennels,
    approach the various clubs for breed information.

    Beware of breeders criticising other breeders.

    Most reputable breeders exhibit in the confirmation ring.
    This is where their stock is being assessed
    and also gives them a chance to view potential breeding stock.

    Try and recognise puppy farmers and backyard breeders.
    The backyard breeder propagates genetic issues and the deterioration of the breed and
    is only interested in money than the welfare of the breed

    Unfortunately not all registered breeders are reputable.

    There are many Ridgeback breeders throughout the various states,
    don't always believe those that say, they have the only litter available.

    Beware of breeders who are not a member of a Ridgeback Club,
    sometimes this is due to not being able to meet the breed ethics set down by the club.

    Make sure the breeder is experienced in detecting dermoid sinus.

    Ask a breeder why they are breeding!

    Beware of those that have many bitches of breeding age.

    In normal circumstances, if you cannot meet the mother of the puppies - walk away!

    Ask a breeder if they X-ray and score for hip and elbow dysplasia or test for other health issues.

    If buying a puppy, ask for a copy of the parents hip/elbow scores.

    Go with a breeder you feel comfortable with, offers a health guarantee and lifetime service.

    Paying a high premium price for a puppy does not necessarily mean that the quality
    of puppies are better than fellow experienced registered ethical breeders.

    Price of puppies can vary for a number of reasons. ie imported stock or champion stock.

    If paying premium prices one would expect to find several Champions on the pedigree.
    This is usually indicated by a "CH" in front of a dog's registered name.

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