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  • 33 years of breed experience - Rhodesian Ridgeback.

  • 7 years of breed experience - Beagle.

  • FCI Judge #18895
  • ANKC/FCI/CKC/KC - Hound Judge - Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialist

  • Accredited Assessor - Hound Group

  • ANKC/FCI - Gundog Judge - All Retrievers, Setters, Spaniels and Pointing breeds
  • ANKC/FCI - Group 1 (Toy) Judge

  • Judged in Canada, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, UK, Sweden, many states of Australia:QLD, NSW, VIC, SA & WA.
  • Member of Dogs NSW since 1986

  • Mentor for Hound Aspiring Judges
  • Registered breeder with Dogs NSW (State Canine Controlling Body)

  • Member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Inc since 1985 & held several committee positions over the years.

  • Show Secretary/Manager/Committee for 6 specialties held in Newcastle.

  • Member of the Northern Gundog Club
  • Past Member of the M & N Rhodesian Ridgeback Club UK

  • Past member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Victoria, Western Australia & South Australia & Queensland

  • Life Member & past Secretary of Newcastle & Merewether All Breeds Dog Club
    Committee/Executive of Hunter Valley Hound Club, Northern All Breeds Club
    & President of Woodlands (which holds 1 children's charity show annually).
    Committee/Executive for Northern All Breeds Club
    Member of the Northern Gundog Club

    I have had the pleasure of being involved with Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 1985.
    I waited 6 years before i bred my first Ridgeback litter, carefully planning and researching pedigrees etc.
    For a short time of 7 years I was associated also with Beagles.

    I have handled and helped title many other breeds in the Hound Group.
    Shown occasionally in the Gundog Group and handled Newfoundlands for a few years taking one to Best of Breed at the Brisbane Royal.

    HuntingRidge has been highly successful all over Australia at Specialty,
    Hound Group level, All breed shows & lure coursing.

    Along the way I have titled 2 Grand Champions, 38 champions,
    2 with Grand Racing Titles, 2 Endurance Titles, a lure coursing of merit champion
    2 neutered champion including & Australia's first neutered Champion.

    I currently have 7 Generations of HuntingRidge Champions which is not an easy passage.
    I believe this is a great testament to my sound healthy dams and
    using suitable sires to compliment and strengthen various qualities.

    My breeding program has been strengthened by importing a stud dog from Sweden
    as well as importing 3 International sires in frozen form.

    Blending other quality sound Australian, Scandinavian, European, USA, UK & South African
    bloodlines have proven very successful.

    I have attended several Breed specific symposiums, 4 World Congress: Victoria, 2000, Ireland 2008, Canada 2012 & Sweden 2016
    as well as exhibiting at 11 of the 12 National Specialties.

    I have also been very privileged to Judge Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialties in Sweden, Canada, Italy, UK & Germany
    including 3 different States in Australia
    as well as judging Hounds and Gundogs in New Zealand.

    I have been fortunate to attend many shows in the UK including Crufts,
    Europe and Scandinavia, as well as
    The World Dog Shows: Paris 2011, Helsinki 2014, Milan 2015, Leipzig 2017 which have been extremely beneficial for research and educational.

    I am looking forward to broadening this experience in 2018 in Europe and Scandinavia.

    I wanted to provide a brief insight to my history and involvement with this treasured breed.

    Listing all my dogs great show wins & the first and only to do whatever is very boring
    - most importantly I am proud to produce sound quality puppies with character, pleasing to the eye
    with excellent temperaments with a strong focus on the breed Standard.

    HuntingRidge have been honoured and very proud to have exported over 18 Ridgebacks worldwide to Ridgeback breeders, enthusiasts and families.
    (I never use export brokers)

    All of my puppies are in loving family homes either lifelong companions or show and breeding prospects.

    It is very rewarding to have many families returning for a second, third or fourth HuntingRidge companion which is one reason I do not advertise.

    Currently I am enjoying campaigning my young generation along with other HuntingRidge owners and look forward to my various judging commitments in Australia and Overseas.

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