First of all I would like to express my appreciation
to our wonderful extended HuntingRidge Family.
Thank you to all who have forwarded news, updates, progress reports and photos.

HuntingRidge has had a brilliant, very successful and fun year. 6 new titles!

4 new Australian Champions: BRANDY, SAFFI, KES & ANZA
with Anza earning her Endurance Title and CHELSEA becoming Australia's first Neutered Champion.

ANZA was also awarded No 1 Ridgeback in QLD - Lure coursing.

2 beautiful litters:Amanzi and Tangaa and Brandy and Dougal.

Nikkita and Saran doing well, very fit and healthy in their senior years.

Had an awesome trip to Sweden and the world Dog Show in Paris,
catching up with friends in the UK and making new acquaintances.

Thoroughly enjoyed my judging appointments.

have all been awarded groups, some with in show awards.

COPPER and a Dougal/Rani son Griffin were Best in Group (Group 1) winners.

The youngsters: ZIVA, MAASAI, MATONG, SAANA & CHERRY are doing very well
with Ziva already a mulitple challenge and best of breed winner.

Dougal's 2 Kapama kids Griffin and Charli are making their mark with some excellent results.

A highlight for 2011 and a huge thrill was MAASAI winning Reserve Challenge Dog at 6.5 months in such strong competition at the RR Club Speciality.

Many thanks to our special friends who have made this all possible and for providing
such wonderful homes for our progeny.

The various Pointscores our dogs have earned some very pleasing results.
Copper - WA top Ridgeback - All Breeds Competition for DOLP
Copper - top Ridgeback Male in WA - DOLP

Maasai - top Ridgeback Male Puppy - DOLP Maasai - finshed # 4 RR Puppy nationally,
a great effort as he was only eligible for 6 of the 12 month period. (DOLP)
Kes - finished # 5 RR Puppy Nationally.(DOLP)
HuntingRidge finished # 6 Nationally top RR breeder and # 2 in NSW (DOLP)

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Inc Saffi - R/up & Top Bitch in the ALL Age Competition.

Ridgeback of the Year Saffi finished #5 and Brandy #6.


We would like to welcome HomeRij's (QLD) first litter of 7 boys.
Dam: is Ch HuntingRidge Spirit Of Katana ET FCH "Anza"
Sire: Ch Starridge Kozar's Legacy " Makani"
Congratulations Peter.

Well done to Copper who won Reserve Challenge again in WA.

Congratulations to Karen and her boy Griffin (Dougal's son) on another Best of Breed win in Victoria.

HUNTER: HuntingRidge Africa By Storm finished off 2011 winning Reserve Challenge Dog
and his little sister CHERRY: HuntingRidge Brandy De Jerez was Best Baby of Breed
and considered for Baby in Group, under an International judge. Well done Nicole.
Photo of Hunter December 2011.

Well done to Peter and his girl Anza: Ch HuntingRidge Spirit of Katana ET FCH
for the second year in a row was awarded top Ridgeback for lure coursing for 2011.

VIC news: Well done Karen and Griffin on another Best of Breed
and to Charli for her Reserve challenge.

WA news Copper takes Reserve Challenge again!

11.12.11 HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to our beautiful special girl SAFARA: Ch HuntingRidge Send In The Clone AI
and to her littermates: Copper, Tanis, Zende.

December will be a very quiet month for us in the show ring
due to family commitments and special events.

Received “Maasai's critique”: HuntingRidge From The Heartland Reserve Challenge Dog, October 2011
The Rhodesian Ridgeback club Speciality – Judge: Mr John Arvin (USA) Mystic Isle RRs/Breed Specialist.

"This puppy just lit up the ring in the challenge class getting better every time he moved.
He has a beautiful head, neck, shoulder and rear.
As he relaxed his movement just kept better because he started
using his attributes to their fullest.
This puppy has great extension and drive when moving and that’s what won the day."


Congratulations to Dougal's 2 Kapama kids at the Victorian specialty under a breed specialist
Griffin - Best Headed male and his litter sister Charli Best headed bitch
and also Best Opp Intermediate in show.

WA news Copper wins another Reserve Challenge.

23.11.11 HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to our handsome boy Dougal: Ch HuntingRidge Do U GetA Lion
and to his littermates: Kobi, Jed, Chelsea, Aimee.

QLD NEWS 21.11.11 - ANZA: CH HuntingRidge Spirit of Katana ET FCH was awarded Challenge Bitch & R/up Best of Breed.

Buladelah Ag Champ show 19.11.11: ZIVA - HuntingRidge Heart of a Lioness (Klepzig) takes Best of Breed
from the minor Puppy class and her littermate
MAASAI: HuntingRidge From the Heartland was awarded Dog challenge and R/up Best of Breed.
HUNTER: HuntingRidge Africa By Storm (Dwyer) was Reserve Challenge Dog and Best Junior of Breed
& CHERRY: HuntingRidge Brandy De Jerez (Dwyer) was Best Baby of Breed.

QLD NEWS 19.11.11 - Anza wins Reserve Challenge Bitch.

Great news from Victoria - Griffin (Kapama Run Zamba Run) wins Dog Challenge,
Best of Breed and Best in Group (Grp 1) under a South African judge and
his lovely sister Charli Brown (Kapama Run Tana Run) takes Bitch Challenge and R/up Best of breed.
The following day Griffin wins reserve dog and R/up Best of Breed and Charli takes another Challenge.
Well done Karen. Very proud of the Dougal x Rani kids!

Cherry formerly known as Keisha (HuntingRidge Brandy De Jerez) has now joined the Dwyer family and is settling in nicely.
She is lucky to have big brother Hunter and Tia to play with on the farm.

11.11.11 Maasai was awarded Best Minor Puppy in Group and
Harley (HuntingRidge Rorke's Drift Storm) won Reserve Challenge dog.

16.10.11 HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to all the Dougal x Ashlan kids for the 8th November!

4 & 5/11/11 Maasai was awarded Reserve Challenge at 2 of the 3 all breeds shows over the weekend and
Saffi (Ch HuntingRidge Send In The Clone AI)was shown at the last show and takes Reserve Bitch Challenge.


30.10.11 News from Victoria - Well done to Karen and her home bred boy "Griffin"
Kapama Run Zamba Run (photo above)
for winning a huge Best of Breed at the Victorian Hound club yesterday.
Griffin is sired by our boy "Dougal" Ch HuntingRidge Do U Get A Lion and the dam,
Karen's girl "Rani" Ch HuntingRidge Run Lion Run.

30.10.11 News from WA - Congratulations to Copper (HuntingRidge On Safari In Kenya AI)
for adding another large Reserve Challenge win to his collection.

29.10.11 News from QLD - Congratulations to Anza who took another Best of Breed.

Spent a lovely weekend at Port Macquarie. 22.10.11 Maasai - Reserve Challenge Dog & Puppy of Breed
22.10.11 Well done Leela with Ziva who won best Minor of Breed.

I recently received some very sad news about Tugela who passed away at nearly 11 years old.
His owner Ken wrote a wonderful tribute about his special boy see Tugela's page.
Photo below of Tugela (HuntingRidge Running Bear)

16.10.11 HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY to my beautiful girl "SARAN" Ch HuntingRidge Summer Rain
and to all her siblings from Amber/Chief. (Photo below taken of Saran on her 11th birthday)

26.10.11 to all Leia & Kito's 8 girls HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY!

15.10.11 QLD NEWS - Congratulations to "Anza" Ch HuntingRidge Spirit of Katana ET FCH
on her 13pt Best of Breed win.

15.10.11 Hunter Valley Hound Club: "Maasai" HuntingRidge From the Heartland
Best Minor Puppy in Show

Brandy and Dougal's puppies have ventured off to their newly adoptive homes.
We wish them well and hope they settle in quickly.
Thankyou to all those wonderful families for offering a special place in your hearts to our little ones.

9.10.11 QLD - lure coursing Anza: Ch HuntingRidge Spirit of Katana ET FCH
fastest Ridgeback and No 2 Best Hound: Way to go Anza and Peter!

9.9.11 Manning River Ag. Champ Show: Maasai: Reserve Challenge Dog and Best Minor in Group
Saffi: Reserve Challenge Bitch and Best Intermediate in Group.

2.10.11 Perth Royal - Congratulations to Denise and Copper - HuntingRidge On Safari in Kenya (AI)
awarded Best Intermediate of Breed!

1/2.10.11 Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Inc (NSW) Judge Mr John Arvin (Mystic Isle RRs- USA)

Maasai - HuntingRidge From the Heartland, 1st in Minor Puppy Dog (photos below)
& then awarded Reserve Challenge Dog.
We were thrilled he was recognised at this level in such great company with an entry of 50 males,
a wonderful achievement for a 6.5 month old youngster!
On an interesting note Maasai is related to the
Challenge Dog & Best in Show winner Ch Macumazahn Lordless Samuri (Ronin) owned/bred by Paula Edgar.

Maasai - Best Opposite Minor in Show
Saffi - Ch HuntingRidge Send In the Clone AI, placed 5th in Intermediate Bitch and
Saba - Ch HuntingRidge Walk on the Wild Side was shortlisted (again) to the final 4 for Best Headed dog!.

QLD News - Matong - HuntingRidge Heart of Gold has been showing in QLD
with good results in her age class.


30.9.11 Ziva "HuntingRidge Heart of A Lioness was awarded Bitch Challenge (8 pts) at 6.5 months old
under an interstate hound specialist and R/up Best of Breed to her kennel mate Zane.
Well done Leela and Ziva!.

24.9.11 At the International Spring Carnival Harley "HuntingRidge Rorke's Drift Storm" was awarded
Best Junior in Group in a huge line up.
Congratulations Jill and Harley a wonderful achievement on your 3rd day of showing!

Mixed results for the others over the weekend at the International shows with Maasai and Ziva
both winning their classes under the Brazilian judge.
On an interesting note there were 5 Tangaa kids from 3 different litters
and the all won their respective classes - great judging!
Hunter was shown on Saturday and performed well.
Saba, Kes and Saffi gaining placings in some of their classes.

3 local shows Hunter Kennel Club this weekend.
Saffi 2 shows: 2 Reserve Challenges and 1 R/up Best of Breed
Maasai 3 shows: 2 reserve Challenges and 1 R/up Best of Breed
Ziva 18.9.11 Reserve Challenge.

Kes had 4 shows this week with 4 Best of breeds, shortlisted for Best in Group and 1 Junior in Group.
Maasai collected another baby in group.
He has now turned 6 months and has 11 best baby in groups,
a great achievement as he was out of the ring for 6 weeks.

Saffi (Ch HuntingRidge Send in The Clone AI) was back in the ring on 10.6.11,
taking reserve Challenge and Best Intermediate in Group.

QLD news Anza - Reserve Challenge.

WA NEWS - 4.9.11 Following on from Copper's great win last weekend
he was awarded a 10pt Dog Challenge and Rup BOB under an interstate judge.
Congratulations Denise and Copper

HARLEY (HuntingRidge Rorkes Drift Storm) made his show debut 3.9.11 in fine style.
On his first day of showing was awarded Reserve Dog & R/up Best of Breed
over some very fine dogs. Congratulations to Jill - great start for Harley.
Ziva (HuntingRidge Heart of a Lioness) was Baby of breed
in the am show with her brother Maasai taking baby of breed at the night show.

HARLEY (HuntingRidge Rorkes Drift Storm) has reached the second highest class
in Obedience - next class ready for trialling. Well done Jill and Harley.

Obi's (HuntingRidge Set My Heart on Fire) news: at only 5 months
has moved up to the third level in Obedience. Congratulations Obi!


Summing up the western show circuit:
Anza (Ch HuntingRidge Spirit of Katana ET FCH) owner P Cattach:
8 shows - 6 Challenges, 1 Best of Breed, 3 x R/up Best of Breed, 1 reserve challenge and 1 title.

Maasai (HuntingRidge From the Heartland) 6 shows with 5 best baby in group awards.

Hunter (HuntingRidge Africa By Storm)owner N Dwyer;
4 shows, 3 Reserve Challenges, 1 r/up Best of Breed and a Best Junior in Group.

Kes (HuntingRidge Sirocco's Windsong) 6 shows:
1 x Challenge, 1 x r/up Best of Breed, 2 Reserve Challenges & 2 x Junior in Groups.

29.8.11 - Maasai collects his 10th Best baby in group award
every group hotly contested!
Anza - Bitch Challenge and R/up Best of Breed
Hunter Reserve Dog and Junior of breed
Kes - Reserve Challenge Bitch.

Copper in the Best in show line up 28.8.11 (Photo By Animal Images)

WA News - wonderful news from Denise today 28.8.11 -
Copper: 14pt Best of breed, Best in Group (Group 1) & Intermediate in Group.
Great result for a young dog in hot competition.

28.8.11 NSW NEWS: Well done to Nicole & Hunter: Reserve Challenge Dog,
Rup Best of Breed plus Junior in Group.
Anza added another Bitch Challenge to her collection on the circuit.

Thank you to Rachel (Kodust) for sending through the link to some breed merchandise
featuring our boy Kito: Ch HuntingRidge Storm Chief ET
The artwork was submitted by the well known canine photographer Trafford.

27.8.11 Kes: Bitch Challenge & R/up BOB & Best Junior in Group & Hunter Reserve Challenge dog.

24.8.11 Anza Best of Breed, Kes Reserve Challenge, Hunter Reserve Challenge
and Maasai Best Baby in Group.

22.8.11 Maasai collects another Baby in Group award and Kes Best Junior In Group.
Anza was Reserve Challenge.

Congratulations to Peter's girl Anza for gaining her 3rd title on 21.8.11.
"Anza" can now add Australian Champion to her lure coursing and Endurance titles.
Aust Ch HuntingRidge Spirit Of Katana ET FCH
At the same show Hunter - HuntingRidge Africa By Storm
took best Junior of breed over his sister Kes.
Maasai wins his 7th Best baby in Group.

20.8.11 Anza wins Challenge Bitch and R/up BOB, leaving her 1 point short of her title.
Kes Reserve Challenge and little Maasai Best baby in Group.

Welcome to the world Dougal and Brandy's litter: 11 beautiful healthy puppies!
4 boys: 2 livers, 2 blacknose
7 girls: 2 livers, 5 blacknose
No dermoid sinus detected, no ridgeless, 10 show quality ridges, 1 single crown,
1 white sock, 1 kinked tail at tip.

Happy 7th birthday, 26th August, to the our beautiful girl "CHELSEA"
& to all the other Boston/Saran kids

The Bronte/Chief kids turn 10 this year - 22nd August - HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Congratulations Peter on another good challenge for Anza

NEWS from WA - 2 shows for Copper taking Best of Breed & Intermediate in group & 1 of 4 short listed for Best in Group.
Show 2: R/up Best of Breed, his kennel mate & best friend Tilly took Best of Breed.

Pleased to report that KES is now known as Aust Champion HuntingRidge Sirocco's Windsong,
gaining her title at 14.5 months old.
Kes is Dougal's 2nd champion, Ashlan's first & our 18th "homebred" champion.

Anza - Huntingridge Spirit of Katana ET FCH won her class at the Brisbane Royal 13.8.11.
Matong - HuntingRidge Heart Of Gold won Best Baby Puppy. Congratulations Helena!
Matong will be back at the EKKA on Saturday 19.8.11 for General Specials Day at the Royal.
Best of luck Matong!

Maasai wins another Baby in Group & Kes takes Bitch Challenge an R/up Best of Breed
Well done Leela and Ziva - HuntingRidge Heart of a Lioness
beating her brother Maasai and taking best baby of breed in the night show at Port Stephens.

NEWS from WA - Copper was awarded Reserve Challenge dog. Well done Denise and Copper.

7.8.11 Maasai wins his 4th best baby in group award at the Mid North Coast Show, under an interstate judge.

Congratulations to Ziva's kennel mate "Zane" Terjon Time Traveller who gained his ET title.
Well done to all Zane's connections and support team.

VIC - NEWS Well done Gerry on another Baby in group for Saana.

Congratulations to Nicole with Hunter taking out Best Junior of Breed 6.8.11 on the Forster Tuncurry All Breeds show.

NEWS from UK - Congratulations to Kim and her girl Rio on gaining her UK title. Rio is UK CH AM GRAND CH VELTKAMMER ASSLE ME LIGHTLY
Congratulations to breeders Veldtkammer and to all at Gunthwaite/Burncote owners of the sire Ari.
Very proud of my boy Ari.

JULY 2011

31.7.11 - QLD NEWS Congratulations to Peter on Anza's ET Title (Endurance Test).
Anza is now known as HuntingRidge Spirit Of Katana ET FCH.

Congratulations also to Ruger, Dalton and Easy who also passed their ET in fine style.

31.7.11 - QLD NEWS - Matong was awarded Best baby of Breed.

31.7.11 Maasai takes another Baby in Group award!

29.7.11 Maasai wins another Baby in Group award!
His sister Ziva, wins her class taking Best baby Bitch.

After a 6 week break from showing Kes and Maasai are back on the show scene
with Kes taking 2 x R/up Best of Breeds and
Maasai winning his first Baby in Group award.

Back from my European/UK/Swedish tour and the World dog Show
Saw some beautiful Ridgebacks and was so happy to see some very rare and unusual breeds,
particularly The Bavarian Mountain Dog & the Czechoslavakian Forest Dog.
It was a thrill to see Saffi and Copper's Dad, "Sauvage" take out the Veteran class at 11.5 yrs old
and finished Best dog #8 at the Swedish Speciality

News from Victoria, CONGRATULATIONS to Gerry (KIPSIGIS RRs)with SAANA (HuntingRidge Tribal Heart)
Baby in Group at her very first show.

WA news Copper takes another Reserve Challenge in good company.

NEWS from UK - It was wonderful to be at the Blackpool show
and see Ari's daughter Rio take her 2nd ticket - Well done Kim & Linda.
Congratulations to Guntwaite and Burncote with Ari's great grandaughter Daisy taking Best Puppy.

HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY to our beautiful girl NIKKITA and to her siblings from Ko/Leia - 14.7.2000

HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to the Saran x Dudley kids both here and overseas.
Special mention to our little angel in heaven Ilanga.

JUNE 2011

Congratulations to Denise with Copper's great 21pt Best of Breed win in WA, 19.6.11

Chelsea collected another 8pt Best of Breed Neuter earning her title as the first RR in Australia to gain a Neuter Championship.
Chelsea earnt this title in 10 weeks of competing in the Neuter class and all her points were Best of Breed Neuter.
She also collected 4 Best Neuter in Groups (all contested) amongst some very strong competition including Grand Champions.

Ziva (HuntingRidge Heart Of a Lioness) owned by the Klepzig family made her show debut in fine style under the worse conditions and took out a baby of breed in good competition.

QLD Speciality, (HuntingRidge Fromt he Heartland)- Maasai's first show and placed 3rd in baby puppy dog.
He showed very well. His sister "Matong" Huntingridge Heart of Gold also put in a good effort.
It was great to ctach up with Cindy and "Nyack" HuntingRidge Wild at Heart.

Happy 3rd birthday, 4.6.11, to the our special boy "Saba"
& to Holly, Nyack, Kimba, Zuri & Archie

Happy 2nd Birthday on 6.6.11 to our beautiful girl Brandy and her brothers and sisters
Anza, Nikkita, Zoe, Willow, Sam, Katie, Charlie, Duke, Bowie & Cooper.

Congratulations to Hunter (HuntingRidge Africa By Storm) for his great R/up Best of Breed win on 4.6.11.

Chelsea collected 3 x 8pt Best Neutered of Breed awards and a neuter in Group &
Kes bought home 2 more Challenges and 2 x R/up Best of Breeds.

The show scene will be limited in June after the QLD Speciality
I will be overseas for a month from mid June to mid July, catching up with friends
& taking in some specialites and the World Show in Paris.

Best of luck to:
"Ziva" HuntingRidge Heart of a Lioness, "Matong" HuntingRidge Heart of Gold,
"Saana" HuntingRidge Tribal Heart and our own boy "Maasai" HuntingRidge From the Heartland,
who will all make the show debut this month.

Happy 6th Birthday to Amanzi (26.6.11) and all the other Saran/Scout kids.

MAY 2011

Happy 1st birthday to the Ashlan x Dougal kids 22.5.11:
Hunter, Jaffa, Ted, Harley, Ruby, Reagan, Zia & Kes!

QLD news 16.5.11, Lure coursing - Anza - first place and another qualifying score.

Kes and Chelsea both collected groups at the shows up North.

KES - (HuntingRidge Sirocco's Windsong) 4 shows at Hillsborough,
4 Challenges, 1 x R/up Best of Breed, 1 x Best of Breed, Hunter Valley Hound Club,(10pts) & 1 Puppy in Group.
Thankyou to Robert for Showing Kes

1.5.11 - Kes awarded Challenge bitch from Puppy class.

QLD news: Anza wins another Best of Breed. Well done Peter!

WA news: Congratulations to Denise for Copper's Best Opposite Junior in Show
at the WA RR Speciality open show.

APRIL 2011

Congratulations to Nicole on Hunter's (HuntingRidge Africa By Storm)
for his first Best of Breed (10pts) from the puppy class with his litter sister, Kes
taking Bitch Challenge and R/up Best of Breed.

News from QLD - Anza Best of Breed and Intermediate in Group and the following show collected another Challenge.

QLD NEWS - Congratulations to Peter and Anza on another Challenge and R/up Best of Breed.

17.4.11 Anza wins No 1 Ridgeback at Lure Coursing.

WA - NEWS Well done Denise and Copper
Reserve Challenge Dog at the Hound Club & also Reserve at the All Breeds Champ show.

Congratulations to the Dwyer family on Hunter's
(HuntingRidge Africa By Storm) Best Puppy in show at the Speciality - Newcastle.

Saran was 2nd in neutered class not bad for an 11 year old.
Ashlan made the cut for best head and down to the final 3 for best ridge.
Saba shortlisted for Best head as well.

WA news Well done Denise and Copper for his Best of Breed and shortlisted for Group.

KES has collected 3 Challenges and 3 x R/up Best of breed

3.4.11 KES - 10pt Bitch Challenge, R/up Best of Breed and Puppy in Group!

Happy 11th Birthday to Leia and Chief's tribe 4Th April and also to Bronte & Illis progeny who share the same birthdate.

MARCH 2011

QLD news - Well done to Anza and Peter another first place at Lure coursing 20.3.11.

QLD news - Congratulations to Peter's girl Anza "HuntingRidge Spirit of Katana"
2nd out of 17 in Intermediate bitch class at the Victorian Speciality under
breed specialist Julie Bates (Gunthwaite - UK) & collecting her 3rd Speciality Best Headed Bitch award.

Quiet month for our dogs in the show ring due to puppies, travel and overseas visitors.

WA News - Copper HuntingRidge On Safari in Kenya Dog Challenge & the following show took Reserve CC.
Well done Denise and Copper.

We welcome Amanzi and Tangaa's 13 babies in to the world, blacknose and blessed with 7 livers.
Link to new litter

NEW AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION - Safara "HuntingRidge Send In The Clone AI"
gained her final points required under a breed specialist on 12.3.11,
at just 14 months old. By the time she was 12 months old
Safara had collected over 142 points but had to gain 25 points after her first birthday.
Safara or Saffi to her friends also took R/up Best of Breed and Junior in Group
Thankyou to Leela for her handling of Saffi for group.
At the same show Kes won another Puppy in Group.

QLD news - Anza "HuntingRidge Spirit of Katana" takes another first at lure coursing finishing top Ridgeback on the day.
Way to go Peter and Anza!

Happy 10th Birthday to Zimbah and Chief's tribe 3rd March, especially to our precious boy Kito in heaven.

Happy 5th birthday to Shumbane/Kheldar litter 2nd March


Photo above of Ridgebacks at the Pet Expo, in Melbourne.
Breeze - Huntingridge Breez Spirit AI is on the right, photo taken by her owner Anna.

Happy 7th Birthday to Rani and her siblings from Leia/Riley II Litter 8th February

Due to the very hot Summer, very few shows this month.

26.2.11 SABA (Ch HuntingRidge Walk on the Wild Side) hasn't been shown since last October
and took out a 13 point Best of Breed and Open in Group.
Hunter (HuntingRidge Africa By Storm) owner by the Dwyer family
beat his sister, Kes, for Best Puppy of Breed and almost won the Puppy Group.

27.2.11 SAFARA (HuntingRidge Send in The Clone AI) Reserve Challenge Bitch &
KES (HuntingRidge Sirocco's Windsong) Best Puppy in Group.


Happy 3rd birthday to the Nikkita and Scout Juniors progeny for 6.1.11

Kes has managed to get over her injuries & has started 2011
in great style 4 shows all Minor puppy of breed and a Minor Puppy in Group.

Safara has been consistant at her age level winning 3 of the 4 classes contested.

News from WA - Copper Res Dog/R up Best of Breed and Junior of Breed.
Well done Denise and Copper!

Great news from WA - Copper wins 2 Challenges at back to back shows & a R/up Best of Breed.

Happy 6th Birthday to our gorgeous boy Bundy Bear and to all his siblings from Spirit and Leia. 21.1.11

WA NEWS - Congratulations to Denise and Copper earning another Challenge.

Only showed Safara at a local champ show taking a very nice bitch challenge
and R/up BOB under a Hound specialist.

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