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Ceolta Gael

Dia dhuit agus céad míle fáilte

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Hello, and welcome to my website. This site is largely dedicated to traditional music. All of these songs are traditional songs in Gaelic.

Hit the arrows to navigate right or left, the square middle button will always take you back to the alphabet. You can also hit the letters themselves to take you to that list of songs. The circular button, in the alphabet, is the only way to restore the FÁILTE window. The abc appelet is no longer working, the link will stay though and i will get another one.

Huath is where I'm putting my links in the Clár. You can find a link to Karen Nichols page, where I found my backgrounds and buttons. There is also a link for fonts, one of which will make this page look as it should. Check it out to see if you like it(The bunchló).

A little about the celtic languages

Gaelic is an Indo-European language belonging to the celtic branch. There are two groups of celtic languages that have survived, the 'q-celtic' and 'p-celtic'. You can think of these languages like two groups of three sisters who are cousins.

The q-celtic languages are Manx(now extinct but there is some talk of revival, Irish and Scots Gaelic.

The p-celtic languages are Cornish(now extinct but revived with some success), Welsh and Breton. Welsh is by far the most successfull and even enjoys it's own media.

All the celtic languages however are in danger of extinction.

Bard's have sung these songs

This Celtic Traditional Music Ring site is owned by Raphael.

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