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H does not serve as an initial letter in gaelic, but sometimes appears in personal names. However I am not aware of any traditionals songs in H.

I will be using Huath for my links.

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Some fonts I've found online

na Clónna

Karen Nichols
The world of Celtic Art
Athens Green Celtic Spiral Set
Clipart Castle
Celtic Art and Illumination

Links: If you're looking for information on the celtic languages.

General links about lots of languages:

Jennifer's Page of Links
The Celtic Language Page

P-Celtic Languages:

Skol Diwan Lannuon
Barzhaz Breizh
Agan Tavas
Cornish language learning centre
A Welsh Course by Mark Nodine

Q-Celtic Languages:

Manx Archives
Yamada Language Center
Manx Society
Ellin Vannin
Yn Ynnyd Gaelgagh
Sabhal Mór Ostaig(Scots Gaelic College)
Interactive Irish Lessons

Other Sites about Gaelic song and poetry:

Clár Cinn le Áine Cooke
Liam Hart's Homepage

GortCuir post chugamIdho