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How To Start A Fight

How To Start A Fight

Track Listing:
How To Start A Fight-Murphy's Law
Selfish Girl-Red 5
Mother And Child Reunion-Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
Best Revenge-Screw 32
So Sorry-22 Jacks
We Owe-Dance Hall Crashers
Superhero Chicken Shit-The Rudiments
Dogs Day End-Swingin' Utters
Reagan Punk-NOFX
Capt. Fun-Clowns For Progress
Drive By-Lag Wagon
Shot Down-The Prissteens
Quick Check Girl-Bouncing Souls
Red, White & Blue-Hagfish
If I Knew-Odd Numbers
The Truth-Blount
Believe In Something-Youth Brigade
Fairytale Of New York-No Use For A Name

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