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Jason Hammon-Mikey Weiss-Elyse Rogers-Karina Denikč-Gavin Hammon

Here is the story of DHC in short, as best as I can describe it.

Dance Hall Crashers was formed by Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman (of Operation Ivy, and more recently, Rancid) as a side project. Elyse Rogers was brought into the mix one fateful day on a street corner. She was singing with another girl, Ingrid Jonnsson. The band, including another of the current line up, Jason Hammon, recorded a demo. Soon after, Ingrid quit, and at that point Tim and Matt had little to do with the band, besides writing a few songs. The line up changed a bit, and Karina Denikč was sharing vocals with Elyse. They made one compilation album of songs recorded from 1989-1992, and released it on Moon Records. After this album, and a dispute with Moon (this part isn't specific, I don't know exactly what happened with Moon), the band broke up. About a year later they reformed to play one single show. The response at the show was so great that they decided to keep on going. They released Lockjaw, on MCA records. After Lockjaw, the band was still having some lineup changes, but after their second majoir label release, Honey, I'm Homely, the lineup looked pretty solid, consisting of Karina and Elyse on vocals, Jason on guitar, Mikey on bass, and Gavin on drums. After releasing an EP of unreleased songs on MCA, they decided that they liked an independent lable better, to suit their needs as a band, and became the first band on Fat Wreck Chord's sub-label, Pink and Black, dedicated solely to female fronted bands. They released Purr, on Pink and Black, in August of 1999, and have been touring consistently, but then again, that's nothing different for this Berkeley, California ska-punk quintet, they've been doing that through out their whole existence as a band, for them, the live experience is the only real DHC experience.