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Hailing from deep within the Eastern Kolinahsti mountain range of RhyDin, the DarkDragons of RhyDin have a reputation for being one of the most vile guilds in ruling power. Born to lead the hand of darkness across the realm, they are savage aggressors. Merciless against enemies, a war with them is a war without prisoners. Crowning their awesome battle prowess, is their incredible organization. Truely, Takhisis shines brightly upon these demons.

Now ruled by the iron talon of Overlord Manduraang, the DDoR has once again risen from ashes. Proud of it's long and somewhat grueling history, the guild remains unified with unique comradship. Souls of evil, darkness, and neutrality paint the colorful ranks of the Dark Dragons' own.


~ Zhai'Helliva ~

\)(/ind to thy \)(/ings


Rea|m øf Ðragons



Far out on the Eastern edge of RhyDin, situated in the province of Darrizta, there lays an expansive valley known as Fai'Dezdorn. Like a jagged scar, it cuts through the formative Kolinahsti mountain range in a surprising ray of green. Fertile and alive with the more rugged life of RhyDin, Fai'Dezdorn, a Draconic word actually meaning " Blood Flower ", has always been known as a mythic place of gravest fear. Aided by the isloating peaks that cradle the place and, no doubt, it's dark reputation, the valley has managed to stay relatively desolate. Surrounding mountains are home to some of the deepest and oldest deciduous forests of RhyDin, further barring the location from outside contact. Great white oaks, towering cedar, and common maple create beauty for the beholder in any season. With reverence, the forests are called The Arishian. A scene of black mystery, most of the fog ridden area is uncharted.


DragonSpire Mountain

Perhaps the most intimidating and noticeable of the peaks that edge the northern boundary of Fai'Dezdorn is one called DragonSpire, the known stronghold of the apocoliptic ~Dark Dragons of RhyDin~ An earthen mammoth that rises in a near vertical slant from the ground, it's scarred surface holds the wear of ages and battles past. Nearly treeless, as it's crusted soil is more iron like than earth, it stands out among the other mountains of the Kolinahsti. Even if Redizaben was not located directly at it's base, it would still be hard to miss. What makes it even more noticeable is the incredible, and obviously unnatural, formation that crowns it.


Rising far above the landscape, DragonSpire's entrance is only accessable to those beings blessed with the ability to fly. Highly set in its side, the rock suddenly bleeds open with a new life of black obsidian. The rock melds together, forming the rugged image of a massive dragon's head. Having been carved from the lightning blasts of blue dragons, it reserves a feeling of power and dominance, going to such detail as teeth, and horns. While the outside appearance of the stronghold is distant in it's steel visage, the interior of the dragon head is outfitted a bit differently.


DragonSpire Citadel

Large enough for an assembly of giant dragons, the chilly sculpted insides that make up the formation called DragonSpire Citadel are primarily used for open festivities. Wether it is a formal guild meeting, a celebration with allies, or an announcement of war, the unfathomably large orfice speaks for itself through size alone. Built with the intent to intimidate, it is one of the largest known structures in all of merry RhyDin.


A visit to the grand DragonSpire Citadel is not soon forgotten. Decorating it's sheer obsidian walls are the bones of dead enemies nailed, bolted, and chained up in crude fashion. Proudly displayed in ghastly brashness, the bones not only tell a story of historic power, but also of an unmatched warring spirit. The obsidian floor is smooth, polished to a high gloss likened to glass, and kept mirror clean. The only other noticeable feature is the stout crimson pillar which rises from the floor in the middle of the gallery - a sort of pedestal for speakers to stand on. Adjacent chambers riddle the hallways that are positioned inside the walls. Some of the upper story rooms have balconies, ribboned with ~Dark Dragons of RhyDin~ insignia, which open up to the main Citadel. In the very, most out of the way, back of the DragonSpire Citadel the mouths of huge cavern openings can be seen.. A void shroud of shadow proclaims their dare to attempt the impossible, and reach the heart of their secret wombs.


Perched over the valley, DragonSpire is a wicked monument to the darkness that lays within. It's hollow mouth, DragonSpire Citadel, hideously agape.. a near impassable passageway of caverns, over 12 miles deep, secretly spirals down into the bowels of the mountain. Lined with jutting stalagtites and stalagmites, the lightless caverns branch and back track on themselves countless times. Doubling this cold nightmare's web of hazardous rock are the uncounted magick bonds kept active to hide the true path. At the very very bottom of the mazed cavern tunnels, rests the lair of the Overlord. Within, the pulse of the ~Dark Dragons of RhyDin~.


The Gates of Xcyle

Erected in DDoR's Age of Rebirth, the Gates of Xcyle celebrate fine craftsmanship. A pair, distinct from eachother, both of them have been carved from the sides of mountains, and display a quality rarely seen in the desolate peaks of the Kolinahsti. Leading to the hearts of the mountains they stand firm in, the magickal secrets they keep are dark indeed.

The East Gate

Located in the Eastern mountains that edge Fai'Dezdorn, the East Gate is a massive structure of wicked design. Blending in with the dark stone of the mountains, it is a sight hard to find... Once seen, it is hard to forget. Gracing the water rock smooth surface is a carving of a mighty dragon in battle display, wings extended. Intricate runes of Draconic spell outline the gate's sides, casting an unbroken ward of protection. Towering up in a high arch, its mammoth doors dwarf dragons. Despite it's nightmare size, the gate is easily opened under the nimble hands of magick. Inside, lays an expansive cavern, hollowed out by the armies of the DDoR. A small network of chambers and reception rooms, highly decorated with furnishings that bespeak wealth, rests within the walls. These room are mostly occupated by mages and guards of the Dark Dragons of RhyDin. The cavern itself holds a vortex of giant proportions. Rippling alive with power, eerie rays of shifting light beam out of it's center. A color of frozen ice blue, the vortex has a mystical presence. Used as a transportation device for the forces of the DDoR, the vortex can teleport beings who walk into it's feild to any point of RhyDin. Using the gate keys, which the AegisLord and Overlord are in possession of, the vortex can be called on to return travellers to the East Gate. Accordingly, the East Gate is highly protected and valued, giving a mobility advantage to the ~Dark Dragons of RhyDin~.

The West Gate

Out of dusk poisoned nightmares, and storm caped death demons, the West gate was born. Sitting as a festering scab on the face of a particularly disfigured Western peak of Fai'Dezdorn Valley, the gate is much smaller compared to it's sister. Hidden from sight by it's own discreet appearance, the doors have been left unsculpted, and retain a cruel surface of raw black rock. Upon foolish entrance, one notices the cavern the gate protects to be ordinary. Like any natural cave, it's insides are riddled with giant stalagtites and jarring stalagmites. Though a trained eye would notice the sunken stairway at the far end, leading underground to an invisable destination. Chillingly, it is the muffled screams of terrified agony that declare what secret the West Gate holds... The dungeons and torture chambers of the ~Dark Dragons of RhyDin~.


In the southern portion of Fai'Dezdorn's sunken meadows, there stands an obscure town called Darrizta. Considered part of the -} ÐÐøR {-, a few spar rings and taverns have been erected for member's. Though the town is left to govern itself almost entirely, the High Chancellor of the Dark Dragons does act as it's head official. A settlement of traders, it is one of the less civilized outposts. Despite it's rough neck hospitality, a few farmers plow fields on the outskirts of town. Consisting mostly of thatched roof buildings and dirt roads, it's rebirth has been a slow and tiresome project. In it's hey day, Darrizta was the largest center of commerce in the entire Kolinahsti mountain range. Quite a few members of the guild had made their home in the town. Unfortunately, during the years of the Dragonarmy Threat, enemies took control of Darrizta. In an enraged spirit, the Overlord personally ignited the town, unknown to the -} ÐÐøR {- until it was too late, and Darrizta was completely burned.. ashes becoming the only evidence of a city that had held so many lives. Hundreds died in the inferno that set to rest the threatening army. Since that time, a sense of fear has plagued prospecting inhabitants. Even in the face of so much opposition, Darrizta is quietly growing again due to the sorely needed trade in the area.