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NEWS: Not really much news but Mystikal is on tour. Check for the cities on the newely added Tours section.

New Lp
Mystikal has headed back into the studio to weave together the soundscapes for Tarantula, the follow-up to last year's Let's Get Ready, and this time around, the self-proclaimed "braided-up pimp" will be rapping to the beat of a different drum. According to a source close to the New Orleans native, Mystikal will be breaking out the big bucks for the album's production. He's enlisting a dream team of beatsmiths and has already had sessions with Teddy Riley, Timbaland and the Neptunes. The source also said that fans can expect a very different sound from the rapper on this record. Tarantula is scheduled for release this year. Mystikal's recording process may be hampered, however, by his hefty travel schedule he'll be hitting the road this summer as a headliner on the Seagram's Gin Live Tour. Helping the fiery lyricist to make audience members shake it fast are openers Jagged Edge, Jaheim and Public Announcement.

It's fitting that Nivea has made her recording debut as a featured vocalist on multi platinum rapper Mystikal's acclaimed chart topping single "Danger" because that's exactly what the bubbly nineteen year old presents to established names in the world of R&B and pop.

PeteyPablo The Prince of the Dirty South hisself, Mystikal, introduced Petey to a larger audience recently on his latest, Let's Get Ready. Now Petey's stepping out with his debut album produced by Timbaland. The set is called Diary of a Sinner: 1st Entry, dropping on August 21st, 2001. The first single is a raiz-da-roof anthem called "Raise Up, which is gettin heavy rotation on radios and on Bet's Rap City.

"Shake Ya Ass" request it yourself on your favorite radio station click here.

Let's Get Ready
Let's Get Ready is being called Mystikal's most ambitious project to date. It features guest appearances by Da Brat, Outkast and label-mate Petey Pablo and productions by Medicine Men (formerly Beats By The Pound,) The Neptunes and Atlanta's Outkast. The variety of sounds offered by this poll of producers makes Mystikal's new project a collection of slamming tracks that will rock the ears of every rap fan on the face of the planet. And to prove it, Let's Get Ready's first single is the runaway smash "Shake Ya Ass," which is on its way to being one of the biggest records of the year. The video was shot in Atlanta by hot director Little X and is on BET, the Box and MTV.

Let's Get Ready is now certified 2x Platinum, ya here! Congratulations to Mystikal and all of the fans for their support.
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I was reading the poll comments yesterday and I noticed that there is alot of comments on Female rappers. Well all of these commments are fine but how about you post some comments in the Message Board. It can be about anything. You can send pictures, news, rumors, facts, or anything I dont really give a damn lol. Also if you would like there to be a different poll on the site post some comments on what you think the new topic on the polls should be in the message board.
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