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Things for Harley to Remember

1. I am not always hungry

2. Lizards do not eat horses

3. Donít let other horses take my fly mask off

4. Trailers do not eat horses

5. Donít expel gas when getting my back hooves cleaned

6. Donít shake when Momís in the saddle

7. Not everyone likes horse kisses

8. The clicker is not food

9. Donít snarf on Mom when sheís dressed for work

10. Paper rolling down the trail will not kill me

11. Garbage cans are not places for mountain lions to hide

12. Sheath cleaning is for hygienic reasons, not my personal pleasure

13. I am not always the center of attention

14. Pawing the ground is not "cute"

15. People are not face towels

16. I should not let other horses chew my tail

17. I should do my "parade trot" instead of my "earthquake trot"

18. I am very heavy and should not step on anyoneís feet

19. Some horses donít like to have my nose in their tail "area"

20. The farrier does not enjoy having his butt sniffed

21. "Lion's, Tigers and Bears" is not my theme song.

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