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Harley's Not Feeling Well

Harley had his (and my) first bout with colic this evening. He is such a healthy guy and I've never had to take his temperature in the 2-1/2 years I've had him, so I was unprepared. I grabbed my digital thermometer (now his) and headed out to the barn. We targeted for a few minutes, then I clicked when he allowed me to pick up his tail, then I clicked when he let me touch him, then I clicked when he let me place the thermometer up against him. After just a few minutes of this, I was able to take his temperature while talking to him softly during the few minutes I was waiting for the beep. He was relaxed and I know he knew I was trying to help him. His temp. was normal, but he was clearly in distress so I had to call the vet, who took blood and had to tube him. Scary!!!!

The clicker made this new experience seem familiar.

Vet checks for gut sounds.
Not Feeling Well

Whoa...what was in that shot?
Not Feeling Well

"The Laying On of Hands"
Not Feeling Well

Maybe some Reiki and TTouch
Not Feeling Well

The vet--sucking in Harley's guts...
just kidding. %^}
Not Feeling Well

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