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You have come to your one shop stopping place for Internet design, quality Amway products, Excel long distance service, Equinox supplys, and if you live in the Phoenix area-- car detailing and landscapping!!!!!!

I am also dedicated for you to make more money this year and next centery by offering you -- for a limited time ONLY!! -- a opportunity to start your own home based business umpire. It is really easy, especially for a website. If you sign up with me, I will even design you a quality website absolutely free!! This is right! Absolutely free!!! (I usually charge $20) You sit back and make nothing but money in your spare time! It is so easy, I am doing it right now!! I have also made a deal with a service provider so they will not charge you NO HOSTING FEES!!!! either.

Not only will I design a custom website for you but I will mail you my special report, "How I made lots and lots of money from the internet out of my tiny one bedroom apartment." It is almost done and even if you decide the business opportunity is not for you, this is yours as my gift to you.

Abdul Salim founded Salim Enterprises International out of his one bedroon apartment in the summer of 1998 at only the age of 20. People marveled at his success and wondered how he did it. Now, for the first time ever, he is offering you a change to duplcate his success. "I know what it's like to not have any money, now my life is better and I want other people to feel the same." Abdul says.

If you are interested in my high quality selection of Amway or Equinox products, discount Excel long distance services, or landscaping and car detailing services (in the Phoenix area only!), please Email me regarding your interest and I will send you a free copy of our literature.

Better yet, why don't you make money for yourself and family? If you are interested in a home based business, please click on the below pictures. Your family will love you with more money.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Thank you for comming to my site, I wish you and your family wealth and prospairity.

Your Friend,

Abdul Salim

P.S. This summer I am traveling around the world (Hawaii, Tahiti, Bahamas, etc.), if I can't personaly respond to you, one of my secretaries will. !---start of code--->

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