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Ireland Counties within four Provinces

The island of Ireland is comprised of thirty-two (32) counties whose designation within the four provinces of; Ulster, Munster, Leinster, and Connaught are as shown below.

The area of County Meath was a province unto itself at one point.

Six of the nine counties of the province of Ulster were carved out as a statelet by England in the 1920s, it was designed to serve as a "Protestant State for a Protestant People." The selection of this carved out area was better than that, it removed the sites of much of Ireland's glory for UKdom - the location of the High Kings reign, the myths relating to Cuchullian and other Ulster myths.. Well done, the exquisite planting of their Saxon Mother folk. These, their loyalists benefactors parade pridefully for months each year in honor of their prize, lands confiscated from the very same native Irish remaining in their midst. Long thriumphally priviliged - but serving UK/US Masonic connection (worldwide to be more precise) - it will take more time - a lot of time. Given the goings on of today, it may never be. In 1921 the twenty-six counties of Eire were allowed to break free from bondage after centuries of England's usurpation of land and cruelty - but only thanks to Michael Collins whose terrorizing approach, acting in kind, salvaged some pride in defense and memory of the long oppressed people of his ancient land of Erin.

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   Eire - > 3 counties
   NI - > 6 counties
   Eire - > 6 counties
   Eire - > 11 counties
   Eire - > 6 counties
County Antrim County Clare County Carlow County Galway
County Armagh County Cork County Dublin County Leitrim
County Cavan (Eire) County Kerry County Kildare County Longford
County Derry County Limerick County Kilkenny County Mayo
County Donegal (Eire) County Tipperary County Laois County Roscommon
County Down County Waterford County Louth County Sligo
County Fermanagh County Meath
County Monaghan (Eire) County Offaly
County Tyrone County Westmeath
County Wexford
County Wicklow

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