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Anne Rice FAQ


Greetings vampire boys and girls and welcome to the one and only (that I'm aware of) Anne Rice FAQ. This is the Official version of the FAQ as it is the only version which is constantly updated and maintained by yours truly. Granted, many copies of the FAQ do abound but I make no claims for how up to date they are. In any event, this is the FAQ in its latest incarnation on the wacky thing we like to call the Internet so I hope you enjoy.


1. This FAQ covers questions that are asked by both those new to Anne Rice and by those who have been fans for years. Because of this, some of the answers to questions will contain SPOILERS for some of the books. Since I cannot predict what will and won't be a spoiler for you and since it would be annoying to write the word SPOILER with every answer I instead tried to keep the questions visually distinct from the answers. This way, you can read the question and decide if you want to know the answer without inadvertently ruining a plot twist for yourself.

2. In my Internet travels I have found that quite a few FAQs tend to be dry and humorless. This tends to ruin the fun of the FAQ both for the reader (namely, you) and the writer (namely, me). I've tried to avoid this as best I can by writing this FAQ as though I were talking to you instead of just typing it out. However, this means that sometimes I will write things that are tongue-in-cheek and I will also write things that are my opinion. But I did make absolutely sure that the facts I write are accurate. So, please keep in mind that if it sounds like a fact (such as "Anne Rice wrote some books.") it's a fact and if it sounds like an opinion (such as "They were all really good.") it's an opinion and should be taken as such. Also keep in mind that all opinions are mine (The Brat Queen) unless otherwise stated so don't try to blame anyone else for them.

(aka "Where the heck IS everything?")

Thanks to the magic of HTML the FAQ has been broken down into several parts to make for easier reading and download time. You may follow the links below to get to any section you like: