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Thanks to.....

I'd like to say thank you to the following people for getting me to where I am now. I dunno where I'd be without you or your smiles, hugz, support, phone calls, pictures, etc. You all mean the world to me!

Keith for being strong through everything and always remaining positive, Jay fer bein mah candy boi n always yellin "WherEz MAh CanDy GuRL?!?" at the pawties = ), Nathan...i miss yew hummmm, Ben for being easy to just BE with.....and for having the phreshest ride....we bring dee pawtie to the people hehe, Jordan for lettin meh steal his name fer mah care bear and for always being so cute and in control of everything, Alan for all his support through everything you know i love ya fer alwayz = ) *BiGhUgGGZ!!!*, Roy...for playin hard house til I felt sick hehe, Cathy and Jeff for always makin me laugh, Jeff for makin me feel safe on the way home wif Ben, Big Jon for just being the tallest lil candy child I eva saw and for watchin out fer meh this summer *HuGZ* love u, Space and Kat, Kate for all the fun timez.....I miss spending time wif ya!, Raven for all his talks this summer, anyone who has become part of the Canned*E*Kidz family over the past few months, Jodi and Andy for being loud...but funny..hehe, Speck for givin me a break at Rev 9, anyone I've met at pawties that are familiar faces but not close know I love u guys!, Likwid Boy and Hannah for always being way sweet and cute, Scottie, G, Nate, Nick, Marky, Zac, Brian for all the fun nightz we've had at the shows you guys r awesome CripplerXface and Tomorrows Will are sorted lol, Garrett and Aaron for all the times you let me inta the clubs free = ) shhhhh, Richie for lookin out at Revolution, Beth for becoming more open-minded since ya first pawtie!, Eric B for being insane and ALWAYS makin meh laugh!, Binky....for being lil booty king = ), Shakey for always bein so super nice and an awesome person to be around even when everything seemed to be icky, James fer sittin diagonally in front of meh at drivers ed and givin meh sumfin nice to look at fer 3 hours = ) YAY!, Nick #2 fer bein a way cutie candy boi and always makin meh smile = ), Mwaqui fer the cutie letter a few weeks ago...its mah favorite one ever!!!, Matt n Brandon n True n the whole worcester crew u guys r cutie and fun and i luff playin wif all of ya at energy, Brandon fer gettin his hair cut n lettin meh play wif it! yUmmM!, Jerry fer dee cutie bracelet hope u ish feelin bettah, Orion n tyler fer bein sweethearts who always put a smile on mah face everytime I see em, Dawn, Andrew and Ian fer bein constant entertainment and love all the time, Kerri, Sarah, and Nick for just bein chill n fun ta be wif, Lindsey fer trying so hard to get everything together, even though sometimes things just fall apart, anyone whose givin me money fer pawties er gotten me in *huGgGZ* i cant thank u guys enough!, Wayne for bein a sweetheart most of dee time when ya not bein evil hehe, Shawna for being happy and zippy and makin meh smile, Ryan for making things seem better than they were (and makin the scary boy wif the bat go away) and for givin me a place ta stay when I had no where ta go, Adam for trustin me when he really didn't have to, Wayne's mom fer always lettin me be at her house and dealin wif mah mom at 3 in dee mornin (much apologiez n thanks), Nandoz fer all his fun at Hard Days Night, Anyone who went out of deyre way to come down to HDN n celebrate mah birfday *dat means u especially binky = )*, ALl the kfl kidz...u guys are great, morgan fer drivin us home afta BoINK!, Josh fer puttin BoinK! togetha, Navy Dave fah bein fun n cute, Tiny fah always habin a big smile on ya face n makin everyone else smile, Keith (the otha one heh)...put dem hose up ya nose, cant wait to go to Hulla wif u n victor, eddie i saw u like a million times before we ever tawked but i luff u none the less and thanx fah , Josh fah the supa cute kandy ya the cutest!, Adam fah always sneakin up on meh but bein a nice surprise = ), anyone who made boink possible.....or helped us to get there, or jus got us psyched thanx soooo much that pawtie was tha sikkest EVER *HuggZ*n*BoINkZ* ta everyone good job = ) and anyone else who isnt here yet, Im still workin on this so be patient wif me! *MaSSif HuGGz n LoTz Of LuB!*