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SamPLeZ 3

StyLe G

These are the X MEN pantz. A lot of kiddies find these more practical.Although they aren't as bold as some of the other pairs,hey are extremely comfy none the less!

They are made of navy "Docker" type material. ThE sides and backpockets are cotton X Men material. Very simple, but still nice!

Style H

These are the BeEeeEeZ! a yellow backgrounded cotton material fully equipped with bees sporting lil green bowties on floating on da clouds!! The green shiny material accents and brings out the bees, but its not a very durable fabric at all. The shininess wears off in da wash and the stiching like slices through the material after a while.

If you are considering this as a possible material, plan ahead and try to find a better way to wash it so your pantz don't get ruined.

Style I

Welcome to tha jungle!! *Tee HEE* These are red velour pantz with cute jungle printed cartoon banding, side stripes n back pockets.