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More Stylez

Most of THESE pantz are the same from the front...However, anything can be added....Also, these pantzs are done as pantz with side may also have pantz with inserts (the triangle contrasts stead of stripe)

Style D

These are Wuzzle cargo pantz....I enjoy the lower cargo pockets.....that way thingz dont stick in ya leg when ya sit down...conVenienT!!!!

Please be patient! I'm doing mah best to get these pics developed n scanned!

Style *E*

Here are the kittiez on velour. Itz the same kitty material as Style A...Its a good example of prints on solid. The velour is EXTREMELY comfy...but fairly expensive.

Style F

These are the electric blue fun fur pantz that everyone loves to play with! These were the first pair of pantz I ever Im not too crazy about em but I figured I'd put em up here for fun anyway...If they were made better they'd be phat, but o well!! Gotta learn somehow! Right?!?