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*Pantz are generally around $60 for custom depending on the material you choose. Stuff in the For Sale section is already priced so thats simple enough = ).....cept as of now there none for sale in there...hmmm

*Skirts are typically $25-$35....again depending on the material you choose. Like the pants, check out the "For Sale" section cuz there are some cutie ones already made for ya convenience hehe.

*All pantz are customized for you so they are guaranteed OriGinaL...and if they are premade they are described to the fullest degree if i dont have a picture of em...if you have any questions feel free to contact me though.

*Also....if you contact me, I can refer you to 2 or 3 other people who have made purchases if you would like to hear from other customers (who are, for the record, otherwise unrelated to canned*E*kidz clothing).

KeeP Dee viBe aLiVE And UniTe tO RecLAIM THE SCenE yummmmmmmm hehe