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For Sale HooRaY!

I got pictures of the POPPLES, RUGRATS, SESAME STREET and SHIRT TALES skirts. HOWEVER, I can't figure out how to get em up on if ya interested, email me and Ill gladly send em to ya = ) Thanx n Enjoy!


This Sesame Street skirt is a cotton/flannel blended material.

It is 14 1/2" from waist to hem.

It can be as large as 30" or as small as you need.

There is a teal blue satin stripe down the left side...the stripe is almost 2 1/4" thick.

It has a velcro close cargo pocket made of the Sesame Street material that is the same as the skirt.

The drawstring is a few inches to the right of the center...I thought it was a cute feature cuz I like it a lil to the side ratha than right down the center front

The background of the material is white and it has the sesame characters doing everyday things (ie Bert riding a bike, oscar in a trash can, etc)

This one is $25

TuRtLeZ n LiZaRdz

This skirt is a long one...35 3/4" from waist to hem.

The waist can be as large as 40 or as small as you need.

This slit is about 16 1/2" on the right you enough room to mOvE!

There is a royal blue (towel type material) stripe down the left side and a velcro close cargo pocket.

The material is white background with little green and yellow lizards n turtles. These yellows and green show up in the blacklight as well.....YuMmmM

this one is $25

!!RugRAtZ SpaCE ChUckIe!!

This skirt is super cute! It is a cotton/flannel type material.

It is a deep blue background w/ white stars. Also in the foreground are space Chuckies in space gear standing on the ring of a yellow planet

Above his head it says "Space Chuckie" in red letters.

It has a beige colored drawstring.

The waist will fit anyone 36" and under comfortable(because when fully stretched out, it is 38")

It is a little over 14" from the waist to bottom hem.

It has two small front pockets made of the same material. They each measure 6 1/2"x6"

This skirt is $25


This is one of my favorite skirts so far!

Itz long...but UNHEMMED so I can make it any length under 36" that you want...also the slits can be as long as you'd like = )

This one is a cotton material

The background is white and it has the popples in various different scenes.

The drawstring waist will allow it to fit anyone with a 36" waist or smaller.

The front pocket is a squarish (technically rectangle) shape w/ 5 popples......3 babies sleeping in front and 2 larger ones awake behind them. It measures 9 1/4"x8 3/4" There is a smaller rectangular piece of material that says "POPPLES" sewn (centered) below the pocket.

Across the top of the back of the skirt it says "We'd rather be leaping than sleeping!" in a lightish blue colored letters.

There are 2 large popple scenes that are on the material of the back of the skirt.

This one is $36

SHiRt TaLez MinI

This skirt is really cute as well...I love the 80's cartoon stuff!

It will fit anyone with a 36" waist or smaller.

It measures 15 3/4" from waist to hem.

There is a front pocket that measures 12"x10" and it includes the whole shirt tales gang in their lil red car.

The back of the skirt has the same picture on the material as the front pocket. It also has a small back pocket (5 1/4"x7")on the upper right side. The zookeeper man is on the back the ENTIRE gang is on here = )

This one is $25

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