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Ordering Information

When ordering from Canned*E*Kidz, theres some basic stuff you'll need to know! hehe

Everything is sent priority mail. Priority mail costs $3.20. I believe that is for everything under a pound, but I could be mistaken.

I will pay for insurance and the delivery confirmation

If you send a check, the item won't be shipped until the check clears. Sorry about this, but I've had bad past experiences with checks.

If you send a money order, I will send out your order the day I receive payment.

You will need to know: your inseam (or the length of the skirt you want, slits, etc), the kind of material you'd like, color, and a general waist measurement...that way the material isnt too bunchy or too small when the drawstring is tied.

I think thatz about all! Thanx!