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MeeT ya MakER!!!!

WhiTney IvanSon
CanDy KiD ExtRodaNaiRe
I maKe PhaT paNTz FaH alL da PawTie KiDz

Full Name: Whitney Abigail Ivanson

Who gave this to you: NANDOZ! *huGZ*

Nicks: whitz, whitz bitz, sunny d, ghetto candy = P

Your Location: Rhode Island...representin da boston area pawtie scene to da fullest

All of your friends: are responsible fo makin me who I am today...mommy n daddy did not make dis whitz bitz...mah kiddz have taught me so much, and fo dat I am forever greatful. I love you guys soooooo much *hUgGZ*

What is your all-time wish? to throw down with spree n cloudskipper

Where is your dream house? tokyo fo sure

What is your dream car? bright yellow crx all built up with black leather interior, tinted windows, n a phatty bose system...I gotz a lil ghetto in meh derrrr= )

What color pants do u have on right know? Red tag GaTz

What song are u listening to right now? Heart Of Gold

What was the last thing u said? wherez da booty house at?

What is right next to u? mah notebook

What are the last four digits of your phone number? 4485

If u were a crayon, what color would u want to be? RED!!

Who do u want to spend the rest of your life with? I dunno yet, but Id be satisfied spendin it wif mah kiddz cuz dey ill = P

Do u like snow, sun or rain? hmmm rain...but not cold rain!...summer rain is very nice....very nice....

Last person u talked to on the phone? Jay

Who do u like? 98% of the people i've eva met....who DON'T I like?!

Who makes u happy? anyone wif a smile pretty much...

Birthdate? 3/27

What do u like to do? dance, spin rekkids (or try), play wif mah kiddz, save my money for some 1200s, spend money = P, make clothes, listen ta music, paint, meet new kiddz etc etc

What's the best advice given to u?no matter what you think right now, things will get better and you'll pull through, its not the end of the world.....werd werd ta dat....

Have u ever won any special awards? most friendly in mah class...3 years and counting heh woo!

What do u want to be when u grow up? fashion designer/early childhood psychologist

Do u like to dance? nope...i hate it......LOL, = ) of course I do!

What is your first son's name going to be? Rael er Akile I think....

What is your first daughter's name going to be? alexis maybes...

On the phone or in person? in person cuz ya can't hug people over da phone

Day or night? night

Hugs or kisses? BOTH!!


Shampoo: Aussie tropical punch fo kids! WOO!

Soap: raspberry maybes

Type of soup: Im not sure

Coffee or hot chocolate? coffee

Lace or satin? satin

Sweater or sweatshirt? dependz..hmmmm too conditional

Pencil or pen? YAY for penz!

Skirt or dress?I pikk pantz!!! dey easier to bust yo shit on da dancefloor in = P

Rose or Lily? lily

Favorite Smell: fresh cut grass, or snow, or raver slime <---ewww!

Who do you go to for advice? keith

Who are you jealous of? no determine ya own ya shouldn't be jealous, if ya want something, go find a way to get it..hold ya own

Who do you cry with? me mahself n I...but I neva really cried til recently

What's the first thing you look for in a guy? they got to dance dance dance ....werd

Okiez so...all done! To all mah kiddz chekkin dis that I haven't seen in a while, I miss you guys and Ima be around again soon..bringin da ruckish to all u muthaphuckish = P hehe


~WhiTz BiTz~