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Here are some yummy links I think everyone will enjoy = ). I just recently started this it'll grow over time. If u link me to you're me with your addy and I'll be happy to do the same = ) Thanx and Enjoy!

Candy Kidz, Rave Gear, and Toys(in no particular order!)
candyraver :: candyraver :: candyraver-I was suppose to use a banner to link them but I dunno how!
MPLS Candy Kid page = )
Official Hullabaloo site
eBay! Yumm!!
X Toy Company - *sugarforyourmind*-Awesome toys! be sure to tell em I sent ya = )
Eternal Beats
Steel City Raver Info System
The Spirit Of Raving
New England Rave
Jus Buggin (cutie shirt designs!)

MuSiC electronica mixtapes
Beginners Guide to Mixing
Recess's - Dj'ing Hints and Techniques
Afterglow Records
Electric Joy
Insomniac Records
Jack's Happy Hardcore Trax
Next Generation Records
satellite Records
Hooj Choons