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Hello, I'm Karla, but you can call me Karly, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Ponce, Puerto Rico. I'm the only child, so I'm the queen of the house, daddy's little princess!

Full name: Karla Esther Torres

Nickname: Karly

D.O.B.: October 4th, 1981

Sibs: None

Pets: None, my dog Duque died a year ago.


Color: green

Drinks: Pepsi & Iced Tea

Food: Spaguettis w/ chicken

Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip

TV Shows: Dawson's Creek, Charmed, TRL & Sabrina

Book: La Vida Es Sueño

Actors: Freddie Prinze Jr. & Ryan Phillippe

Actresses: Katie Holmes & Jennifer Love Hewitt

Candy Bar: Twix (Two for me, none for you)

MTV VJ's: Carson Daly & Jesse Camp

Bands: BSB, Aerosmith, Korn, MDO, Hole, N Sync & Hanson

Solo Singers: Natalie Imbruglia, Jewel, Britney Spears, Robi Draco & Ricky Martin

School Subject: Science

Movies: Cruel Intentions, Armageddon, Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer & Urban Legend

Holiday: Christmas & Halloween

Hobbies: shopping, having penpals, talking on the phone, e-mailing, internet surfing, dance & collecting BSB and MDO stuff!

Quotes: "Super" "Brutal" "Imbecil" "BSB" "Oh God" "Damn"...

I'm web-secretary of the BSB PARADICE OFFICIAL FAN CLUB, this is the only official club in Puerto Rico, so e-mail me as soon as you can for more info!

Why I Love BSB?

Well, I would always see the BSB's on mags and TV Shows, so I said to myself, God, this guys are so hot and fine! One day my cousin showed me some posters of BSB, and this moment changed my life. Since that day, I was a BSB fan. I like BSB because they are so talented, nice and hot, they are a PHENOMENON.

Backstreetmania!!!! KTBPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!