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Archie Collectables Showcase!

Ever wanted to show off your collectibles? Here's the place to do it! Have a No.1 issue? Have an early Pep comic? They don't have to be that valuable to be up here! You can even send something that only has personal signifigance!(ex: your first comic, your mother's favorite comic when she was a girl, etc) We want to know about it!

This is my magazine:Sabrina #1! Truth is, I ordered this one by accident. I had meant to get Sabrina's Holiday Spooktacular! Oh well, I'm not complaining! This is one of the few collecter's items that I have. You notice I have it wrapped to protect it. It was wrapped so neatly I didn't want to mess it up! Another collecters item I have is the Love Showdown, but it's wrapped up snuggly in brown wrapping paper. That might present a problem! Well, I put up the first one. The rest is up to you! C'mon, send them in!

Rules and Directions to Send it in

Rule No.1 - You can put up your comic if it's already up here
Rule No.2 - It has to have some signifigance to you or the comic world
That's All!

Step One(How to get it up here)- Scan your comic
Step Two - Upload your scanned picture
Step Three - E-Mail me the URL and what you want it to say next to the picture
Step Four - If you have any questions on how to do this, e-mail me and I'll help you