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The Really-Hard(and-Some- Not- So- Hard) Questions Quiz

This is for all you experts out there! Good Luck!

1. In what year did Archie FIRST MAKE HIS APPEARANCE?

2. What kind of car does Mr. Weatherbee own?

3. Which place does his car always get dented?

4. What magazine did the Archies appear in saying that the SATs were racially bias?

5. When did Cheryl reappear after several years of being out of the comic spotlight to claim Archie once and for all for her own?

6. What's the name of the elderly lady Betty often visits to get advice on her writing?

7. Even Jughead has his enemies. Trula Twist is the leader of the all girl J.U.S.T. organization determined to wean Jug from his anti-romance ways. What does J.U.S.T. stand for?

8. For decades, Jughead has been harrassed by one smitten girl. This girl eventually evolved into Ethel. What was her name before she was Ethel?

9. What was the name that the company (now called ACP) named themselves right after they were called Blue Ribbon Comics?

10. Who did Hot Dog belong to before he was Jughead's?

Thanks for taking my quiz! See ya 'round!

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