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The Riverdale Gang!

Archie Andrews-A symbol of your all American teenager, Archie often finds himself in hotwater. Despised by Mr. Weatherbee(principal) and Mr. Lodge (Ronnie's dad) as being a klutz, he can foul up anything, no matter how innocent his intentions. But with a heart of gold, he occasionally has a stroke of geiunus and can win his way back into anyone's heart(at least untill he breaks something else!). He's caught up in an eternal love triangle we've all come to know and understand. Two girls-one Archie. Who's going to get him? *Archie is the lead guitarist and vocalist for the Archies*

Jughead (Forsythe) Jones-My personal favorite. Jughead doesn't give in to peer pressure, and is as original as they come. With the apearance of a slacker, he's a main target for Reggie. But he's got a super sharp mind, and his plots and schemes unfold so furtivly you don't know what hit you! Reggie often ends up the victom of our modern-day Tom Sawyer. Jughead is full of mystery. Like, how can he eat so much and stay skinny? And, what does the "s" stand for on his shirt? An why does he hate girls? Weeelll, I can answer that one somewhat. He doesn't hate ALL girls. He's got a definite soft spot for Betty(who doesn't?) and always helps her win Archie over from Veronica. In fact, he has a little less famous love triangle of his own from Joani and Debbi- he's even dated them! I think this whole girl hating mess can be summed up from the mouth of Jughead himself: "I don't hate girls, I just like food better!" *Jughead is the drummer for the Archies*

Betty Cooper-The sweetest, cutest blonde in Riverdale, Betty is both athletic and intelligent. Though she can easily have her pick of the boys in town, she only has eyes for Archie, which often leads to heartache. In my opiniun, she's a little too eager, which makes Archie think of her mostly as a pal, an equivilant of Jughead. While Veronica is her arch rival where Archie's concerned, the two are also best buds, and inseperable otherwise. *Betty plays tamborine and backup keyboard for the Archies*

Veronica Lodge- The rich, raven haired heiress to the Lodge fortune. You could say she's spoiled, and her character sometimes proves to be less than courteous to Betty and the others, but Ron Lodge has a good heart and no one messes with her friends when she's around- except for herself of course. Ronnie made her first apearance some time after Betty, when in a strip about 50 or so years ago, she convinced her father to move to Riverdale to get back at Archie. This was the spark for the endless love triangle that's been going on ever since. Veronica Lodge is the sparkly, sofisticated fasion queen, and "frugalty" has no meaning to her. The mall shop owners sing her praises when she walks through the door, and no boy (except Jughead) can resist her classic charm! *Veronica is the keyboardist for the Archies*

Cheryl Blossom- What can I say? This richer-than-rich, wild child makes Veronica look like one wholesome, goody-goody, bland.... well, you get the idea. I'm trying to think of something to say about Cheryl that gives even a little hint that she might be nice, but I tell you I'm drawing a blank. One thing I do like about her is that she's so uninhibated. She throws you for a loop and doesn't think twice about it! Cheryl showed up recently in 1996 after several years of disappearing completly. When she came, she took your basic love triangle and made it into a... love octagon or something like that. The whole scenario is shown in the Love Showdown, but, contrary to popular belief (it seems to be on quizzes a lot) Archie DID NOT pick Cheryl in the end. He came to his senses and picked Betty, even though in the middle of the series he said he was fed up with them both and picked Cheryl.

Reggie Mantel- This guy is as conceited as they come. He has a very wealthy family(though not near as rich as Veronica) and does exell in the classroom adn on the playing field. Reggie is Archie's number one rival when it comes to Ronnie, and always seeks to impress her with his flashy sports cars and designer clothes. Though Reggie's favorite pastime is playing practical jokes on people, they often backfire, especially when it's Jughead he's messing with. Funny, 60 years of expeiriance and he still doesn't learn to leave Jug alone. A prankster at heart he may be, but Reggie, when you get down to it, is really a decent guy, and he wouldn't ever purposly do something to seriously harm some one. And yu know, once in a purple moon, he's actually (shudder) friendly to Archie. We don't like to speak of it aroung here though. The walls have ears you know....*Reggie is back-up guitarist and singer for the Archies*