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Merry Christmas


Angel & Jimmy!!!

"This is one of my X'mas woobies! It's handmade by Mommy.
She makes lots of woobies for me. She enjoys mending them also! "Is she a person from Heaven?"

Even we pooches know that X'mas is the best time of the year!

We love all that attention from my Mom & Dad's guests and the turkey bits that Mom keeps dropping on the floor while she's carving the birdie!
Whoo~! Yummy~!
Some might think that she is careless or uncoordinated? Uh-uh!
We know she's doing that because she wants us to sample some of their human X'mas dinner, the feast!

Oh, ya! Don't forget that we get tons of presents under the beautiful X'mas tree, too! Bisco the Papillon once got himself in trouble for attempting to do some "taste testing" on his present which he found under the tree!
We Goldens are always good puppies! We wait till given! Yes, sir!

Jimmy's ready for a good-night sleep after all that fun!

Jimmy is well-decorated! "Look Ma! I can hold a X'mas ornament in my mouth!"

Angel & Biscuit! "I must always have my woobie with me!"

Stay tuned for new 1999 X'mas photos coming up soon!
Wishing you all a joyful X'mas and a wonderful New Millennium!

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"Ho Ho Ho!
I'm writing down 2 best Golden puppies' names here on my list.
Jimmy & Angel! But, well, I'm not too sure about the little rascle "Biscuit", though!
Ho Ho Ho!"
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