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~***Hi! It's me, Angel!***~

"One of these cuties is me! Do you know which one?
Of course I'm the cutest one in the middle! Woof!"

~***I'm the king of the hill !***~

"This is me, Jimmy standing like a big bear on a snow hill that my Mommy made for me to play!
It's only been 1 week since Mommy brought me home, but don't I look like a big boss!

~***Baby Angel & Big li'l Bisco!***~

"I like falling asleep just about anywhere!
So this time, I was sleeping right in the middle of Mom's kitchen,
then here comes little Biscuit the Papillon joining me for a little nap!
He's a little guy but he's pretty tough! I've learnt that real quick, right, *Master*!"

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