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This site is dedicated to Jimmy's new owners.
Sherri & Doug, thank you so much for being such great friends for Jimmy!

This is one of the first pictures I took.

He was born on November 1 in Devon, Alberta. I adopted him at age of 4 months old. He was one of two left in the litter. When I went to see them, he was the one who came tumbling at me. He got a big and cute brown face. He looked much like a real teddy bear that a little girl would cuddle when she goes to bed.
It was true love at first sight.

After I met his canine mom and daddy, I put him in the back of my car and headed home.
He was very quiet during the trip.
He just laid there kind of looking sad.
I knew he missed his parents and his sibling who he left behind.

From the moment he arrived to my house, he had always been the love of our family.
He was a very gentle, calm and intelligent boy.

He simply loved fetching.
He always carried his favorite orange pouch in his mouth wherever he went.
He got a lot of attention from everyone when I took him for a walk.
He carried his yummy milkbones in the pouch in case he thought he might get hungry on the way home!
Great thinking, Jimmy!

He also enjoyed his obedience training and finished "polishing classes".
His instructor always called him "A Star"
and he really was the smartest dog of all!

He now lives with the two most wonderful people we know.
We miss him greatly.
He will always have a special place in our hearts.

I'd like to share some wonderful memories of Jimmy

from his puppyhood photos to his grown-up big boy photos.

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