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Maison Ikkoku Smiles

Maison Ikkoku Smiles

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Well... I see you've finally made it to my page. My name's Kyoko Otonashi... perhaps you should just call me "Ms. Otonashi" as Yusaku calls me... Anyway, welcome to Maison Ikkoku, the apartment building I run. You see: I'm manager here. Lately, things have been changing around here: it used to be much quieter, and happy before Shun asked me to marry him.........

Welcome to the world of MI: well my little world, anyway. But before I go on, my appoligies to anyone who's been visiting this page: I've been working really hard on my other three pages, and forgot all about this one!! Shimata! :-D If you have any fan-fic for me, e-mail them to me with your name, and E-mail, and site URL (last two are optional!) If there are any pictures and stuff that you'd like to see, also drop me a line!

The Story

Maison Ikkoku, is probably the greatest love story concieved (that I know of: most ones are just plain sappy!!!!!!) and is told through the art of Japanese Manga and Anime. The plot revolves around the relationship of Godai, a ronin (which is a person who's basically failed entrance exams, but are doing them again) and Kyoko Otonashi, a young widow with a terrible temper. When Kyoko comes to be the new manager at a shabby, run down apartment house (called Maison Ikkoku) Godai instantly falls in love with her. Here, their problems, oddities, and the first step in their relationship begin... for more info on the storyline, click here.

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