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stonehedge, band


Our DEMO is now avaliable for purchase

for more info look below

This website created and run by Rich proving not all drummers are as dumb as they look

Stonehedge is a mildly progressive hard rock band with the average song length of 6:30. With booming drums, funky groove bass parts, heavy/soft & melodic guitar and melodic singing with a little intensity. HUGE influences are the intensity and grooves of Korn, the rhythums of Tool, Sevendust heaviness [kickass],& Radiohead melodies

Stonehedge consists of me (Richie Strakosch) Matt Abramo and Greg O'Leary and Jesse Kirdahy-Scalia. We are an original band for the most part out of Stony Brook NY but we do play two cover songs, Sex Type Thing by Stone Temple Pilots and Bored by the Deftones. I play the drums, Greg plays the guitar and Matt plays the bass. Also we have a new singer Jesse.

5/27/99 Check out the sounds section for a NEW SONG the full realaudio version of a song called Down Under.

6/30/99 Our demo CD (Yes it's on CD, if you really want it on tape e-mail me and we'll work something out) is now available for purchase for $5 which includes shipping and handling if you are interested please E-mail me

I'm not going to rip you off were just a small band trying to spread around it's demo not make money that's why we made the price so cheap and many of the people who come to this site know me so if I ripped them off they would probably beat me up or something. Also for more info on the demo CD go to the demo CD section.

There have been Stonehedge fans here

She's Hot!

For all your Music need's go to Please go there from my site because I get a certain percent commission for every order from someone who went there from my page. It's not much but its something.


To go to the Stonehedge sound page click HERE

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This is page 1 of a few page with some s of us.

This is page 2 with more s of us.

This is page 3 with even more s of us.

This is page 4 the last page.

To learn more about the drummer click here.

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To learn more about the singer cilck here.

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