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AVRIL LAVIGNE : This is just a wbesite for Avril Lavigne for school. It's as bare-bones as you can get but it was just to see if we could design stuff. Open the RAR file and click on the "INDEX.HTML" to view the site.

SLIPKNOT : Same thing as the Avril website. This is more in-depth though. All the links work and stuff. : This was a website I did for Jens Pulver (some Ultimate Fighter) I expanded on it more for his official website but like I said in the Facebook message, he kinda ripped me off so I stopped working on it.

HOME OF THE WORLD WARRIOR : This is just a JPG of a website I started to make a LONG while back. Just a fan website of Ryu from the Street Fighter video games. I never finished it and I probably won't.

(Make sure you have Flash installed)

FLASH GAME : I made this using flash for a school project. The instructions to play are shown before you play. RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE this. It's easier than loading it in a explorer window. (IGNORE THE MISSING LETTERS IN THE TITLE WHEN YOU LOAD IT UP)

WWE LAND : This was a project for school aswell. A themed amusement park map. I used Wrestling as a theme...when I used to think it was cool.

E-MMERCIAL : Also for school. This was suppose dto be a small Flash commercial for online use to promote myself. The teacher never gave me back my finished version so this is all I got.