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What has it been, 5 years since this has been updated? Yep, roughly that long, sorry....

---------->August 24th, 2007<----------

Well, the story page is here, 3 here so far. If you'd like to send me a story e-mail me...

This page will no longer be solely dedicated to either Road Rovers or Balto, it will now become a site for furries in general. Still have things to do with Balto 'n RR of course.

My name is Russell. I am 25 years old and I am gay. People ask me when I first knew, I was 13 or 14 years old and madly in love with someone. A male cartoon character. His name was Wile E. Cyote. Yes, go ahead and laugh, but for a small percentage of you out there, you know what it's like.

In my lifetime I have been raped, I have had a boyfriend die of an aids related illness, suffered through abuse in school all because of my sexuality. There are people out there that have no idea what it is like. I was tired and scared of hiding it, I "came out" at a young age. I thought I could take on the world, little did I know, I was only a 15 year old boy in a huge, narrow minded society. No matter what I did, who I talked to, there were people there to hurt me, physically and mentally. I now know that I have become the person who I am today because of all the struggle I had gone through. I have come to the conclusion that's why I fell in love with Balto, he felt an outcast, and he had to learn to stand up for himself.

Well, Road Rovers is gone for good, : ( oh well, the memory will live on.

E-mail me if you got any pics or stories you want posted here.


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Click on pretty boy here, and go.... no where. It was going to be something, but not anymore.

Thanks to Chris Goodwin who drew this picture


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