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Due to the fact that I am really pressed on time I will be unable to work with this site. Of course we all know that I have not done anything to it in a month but I have been real busy. Nothing against anyone in the band at all. I thank Rik, Ruben, Lexxx and everyone that has(d) something to do with LEAD for giving me the opportunity to work with them and on this site. I am not quitting but since the band is not working on much and Rik has another project going I have taken on a new project myself.

A fresh group of young farts from Rosenberg & Needville Texas who have a unique style of metal that is somewhat mixed in with the Deftones. These guys just out of high school have formed to become the band AMEL. The name derives from AMELIA. Amelia was the grandmother of guitarist Jerry. She later died and the guys in the band couldnt decide on a name. Jerry took the first four letters of the name and the birth of AMEL!! These guys are really good. They have been invited back many times to play The Engine Room and have played alongside Tarantula. I hope that anyone who comes to this LEAD site will still visit but will also take a few minutes to check out the AMEL website that I have been spending my time working on. We registered a domain name, had stickers made, and I had to re-mix the entire demo which was recorded by some dumbass who knows nothing about recording. For me not knowing shit about recording, I sure did make three songs sound 100 times better than their recording. You can access audio samples from the band. Currently the band has my master CD so I only have one up and it is a ballad that vocalist Earnest wrote about a past gf and his present.

Please everyone, take the time to check out their site. They are an awesome band and I think that they would be a great opening band for LEAD in the future. At the moment, the band is taking a break from shows and just purchased some new gear so getting the PA together in the new rehearsal room. Sign the guestbook, check out the page, let me know what you think..... Thats all I ask....

To the band LEAD.... You guys fucking rock and dont think that I am giving up on you guys or this site. I still want to work with you guys very much. At the time I am working with two bands and AMEL is really my favorite. I would hope no one turns out hating me but these guys have come to me wanting my help and I want to work with them as I think they have the sound that could take them to the top. I was putting together a package for Roadrunner Records after sending a CD to them. Now, with them on the verge of selling I dont know if I should. Its really up to the band.

I wish I was better at making these pages but I am not. I am just a basic HTML writer who taught myself. So sorry if anyone looks at any pages and thinks I suck. Personally I do but I really dont give a damn what anyone thinks. The point is that I am getting the main point across and thats what the band stands for, their music and what they want to accomplish and have accomplished. Thank you all.....

--------------------------------Slipknot_9tech (Gill)