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Seven Years And Still Stompin'


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   NOVEMBER 2004


Over a Kong Is King Peter Jackson Answers Some Fan Emails.

All Hail Newsweek!! The King Is Revealed!

This has got my blood pumping!!! Check out the whole article here!

Joe DeVito's Kong Is Ready...Check Out Images And Read The Press Release

SFX Magazine Gives Us Kong For XMAS!


Kong Is King Updated As Of 11/24/2004

November 23, 2004

Backers of Peter Jackson's $200 million King Kong have dismissed a British newspaper report that the world premiere will be held in New York next year.

The Daily Mail newspaper this week reported that "the premiere will be in New York, just before it goes into thousands of cinemas around the world".

The report said that "there had been talk" of it being shown first in Wellington "but the lure of Manhattan, home of the Empire State Building" which features in the film "was just too strong".

A spokeswoman for King Kong in Wellington said no decision had been made on where the world premiere would be held.

The newspaper "is just speculating", she said.

King Kong will be released on December 14 next year.


This Is Old But May Shed Some Light On The DVD Issue

OK, my partner in crime, Jay, has searched the web relentlessly and has come up with a DVD tid bit from a while ago.

ChrisSierra] First off, thanks for chatting with us tonight. I apologize if this has already been covered as I came in a little late, but can you tell us anything about the King Kong release? PS- can't wait for those animated Batman DVDs! Thanks!

[warnerbros] You're welcome. We're glad to be here. We really don't want to go into details on KONG except to say it will be a 2 disc SE, and we are currently doing a film element restoration on it from a gorgeous nitrate element located recently in Europe. Well worth waiting for. Kong will now fall from the Empire State Building without gaps!
The link for the whole interview is:


A Letter From Bob:

Just Wondering?

If other Kong fan sites are cooperative in sharing their enthusiasm for the genre ... there are not a lot of Kong sites, but the ones I've found are very different from one another. I was curious as to whether they share freely or are very protective of their content. I like the connection between you & the Kong is King site ... great work, keep it up...

Thank You Bob!!!


Storyboards? Awesome! 11/20/2004

Captures from what I consider one of the most revealing updates so far.See the whole thing at Kong Is King.

Kong Set Update 11/19/2004

Day 51 on the Kong set... yet this update seems to glitch up about half way through. Let me know if anyone else has trouble viewing it.

The Visual Force Behind Peter Jackson: WETA

Is This Real?  I Don't Know... Is It Worth Checking Out? Hell Yes!!!
Click to enlargepadKing Kong On DVD - Coming Soon

Coming In November 2004 - Pre-order Your Copy Today!

The Most Awesome Thriller Of All Time!

Out-leaping the maddest imaginings! Out-thrilling the wildest thrills!

Master showman Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) has fallen on hard times due to the depression, and mounts an expedition to the mysterious Skull Island to find another showpiece. He takes along adventurer Jack Driscoll (Bruce Cabot) and the down-on-her-luck gorgeous blonde Ann Darrow (Fay Wray) with him to spice up the show. Arriving on the island, they discover it is home to gigantic beasts of all shapes and sizes ruled by Kong, a 30 foot tall gorilla. The natives kidnap Ann as a sacrifice for Kong, and the other crewmembers head into the dangerous island interior to rescue her. Beauty and The Beast is much too big of a story for Denham to ignore so Kong is taken to New York City where is presented as the “Eight Wonder Of The World”. Kong escapes his chains and takes Darrow to the top of the Empire States Building where one of the best early special effects battle takes place high above the New York sky line. In the end beauty kills the Beast. Also known as Beast, The (1933), Eighth Wonder of the World, The (1933), Eighth Wonder, The (1933), King Ape (1933) and Kong (1933).

KING KONG - Starring FAY WRAY with ROBERT ARMSTRONG, BRUCE CABOT, FRANK REICHER and SAM HARDY, Original music by MAX STEINER - Cinematography by EDWARD LINDEN - Special effects by HARRY REDMOND JR. - Written by MERIAN C. COOPER and EDGAR WALLACE - Executive producer DAVID O. SELZNICK - Produced and directed by MERIAN C. COOPER and ERNEST B. SCHOEDSACK

Kong Set Update 11/16/04

Seems as though the nocturnal phase of shooting has begun. The ever elusive Gandalf has provided KIK with yet another sweet tidbit.

Kong 33 DVD: No New News

Scoured the internet in search of  Kong 33 DVD release news and the only thing I could find is this old post from Digital Bits:


This hasn't been announced, but it comes directly from authorized studio sources, so you can consider it official. We've been told by Warner that their upcoming special edition release of King Kong will NOT be released in 2003. The studio very much wanted to make it happen this year, given that it's the film's 70th anniversary, but their greater concern is to make sure that the film is presented in the highest possible quality on DVD. Apparently, the process of fully restoring and remastering the film has been very time consuming and the studio wants to make sure it's done properly. If all goes well, look for Kong in 2004.


Fan Art Showcase

Pat Reilly: A Talent To be Reckoned With.

Kong Set Update 11/13/04

Gandalf brings us another sneak peek of the Jackson Kong set.

We Want You!!!

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Kong Production Diary: Day 48

Kong is King Provides yet another great look at the much anticipated Kong in production.